Your Christmas Wellbeing Wish list

Wish 3: do’Terra essential oils for peace

Balance #60204667 28.00 | Lavender #60204657 25.67

Balance and Lavender essential oils from do’Terra make a great pair to gift relief from any combination of stress, anxiety and sleeplessness to a loved one or yourself!

Leah Darbyshire


The earthy character of Balance including Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy and Blue Chamomile will bring scattered emotions and energy into a space of stability, consistency and safety. Inhale with deep breaths; add to a diffuser bracelet or ground by applying to the soles of your feet. We have seen great results with children, too, calming panic and overwhelm and supporting autism and ADHD.


Containing 100% pure lavender oil, do’Terra Lavender is a good night’s sleep in a bottle – or a drop! We have heard of several local cases of resolved insomnia (adults and children) simply from applying a drop to the sole of each foot before bedtime.


To receive a 25% discount, please contact Leah directly on 07971 341547 or email her and find out about the benefits of becoming a registered customer or consultant.

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