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In our Fresh Air Friday sessions in June, we’ve been talking about our dreams and what is important to us in our lives. We’ve had some wide-ranging conversations and also experienced some very different weather during the month, it started cold and wet in Newbury and finished in glorious sunshine this weekend.

What struck me most about this theme is that whilst sometimes it feels great to have fun and let our imaginations run wild, on other occasions, it is equally as rewarding to just stop and consider what brings us joy in our lives.

For example, one person was completely stuck when we started discussing this, she was overwhelmed at work and felt stressed when we started the session. Asking her to think of her big dream didn’t work to start with.

However, her partner asked her the question, ‘What would you do if you won the lottery?’ This unlocked her thinking by enabling her to distance herself from the day to day challenges she was facing and start to dream about what her ideal life would be like without constraints.

For another person, dreaming big didn’t feel right. Instead, they considered what brings them joy and happiness in their life.

From these start points, each person was able to create a vision of how they would like their lives to be. We then spent time considering what this would give us and why it was important.

By asking this question of each other we could uncover our personal values. Values are the things we consider important in our lives and which unconsciously drive many of our behaviours. When we visualise how we would like our lives to be we often start with material things such as a nice home, however, what underlies this is feeling safe and secure, or perhaps a place to be with family, these are what we value.

For me, my dreams often include travelling to different areas of the world and exploring the local areas. What underlies this is a desire to learn, but also the desire to have the freedom to choose what I do in my life. Once I was aware of how important freedom is to me, I’ve been making more conscious decisions about what work I say yes to.

Read more about values and how to explore your personal values.

Read what my colleague Mo, who runs Fresh Air Fridays sessions in the Bristol area, has written about joyful dreaming.

July’s Theme is our Comfort Zone

For long-term happiness and fulfilment, we need to have a balance between being safe and being stretched out of our comfort zone. During my sessions in July, we will be talking about comfort zones and what this means to each of us.

If you want to spend some time exploring this theme in nature with a community of like-minded people, come along to one of the sessions I will be running in July in Hampshire and Berkshire, or perhaps join one of our other facilitators across the country.

We take you outside so that you feel good on the inside.

My sessions will be:

  • Friday 5th July at 1 pm in Newbury
  • Friday 12th July at 10am in Silchester
  • Saturday 20th July at 10 am near Odiham
  • Evening session in Southampton – date to be decided

Find out more about Fresh Air Fridays & book your session here. Your first session is FREE!

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