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We are delighted to welcome Elena O’Keeffe to the team at The Wellbeing Centre. Elena will be running her Pregnancy Yoga classes from the centre from June on Thursday evenings 6.30 – 7.30pm.

Elena is an insightful and versatile teacher. She has studied Kundalini Yoga since in 1999 and took the path of teaching pregnancy yoga, inspired by her own mother, who is a professional midwife.

Elena combines her background in Social Science with long time passion for pregnancy and birth. Her partner’s preparation workshops were offered within NHS settings and gained a good reputation amongst West Berkshire midwives.

Elena is a co-founder of Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training programme The Mother’s Journey and a founder of SoulNest birth preparation course. She is a mother of two boys.

Media about Elena’s work:

“Gift of Giving Life” by Viriam Kaur, Yoga Magazine, March 2005

“Yoga , meditation and visualisation can make pregnancy and giving birth a beautiful and less traumatic experience. It can help us improve not only physical fitness, but mental and emotional stamina, as well as creating some much needed “me-time” says Elena O’Keeffe, pre-natal yoga teacher. One of the best ways to prepare yourself for conscious birthing and to bond with your baby is to use the power of sound…“

“Mother’s little helpers” by Sada Wilkington, Junior: Pregnancy and Baby, January 2004

“The focus on conscious pregnancy during Elena’s classes has led me back to my own intuition and inner voice. This was an important emphasis that gave me strength and real connection with the babies”.

***UPDATE*** Elena O’Keefe no longer offers Pregnancy Yoga classes at The Wellbeing Centre. Instead, please see the Pregnancy Yoga in Newbury classes run by Leah McGrath >>

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