Wu Tao Dance Demonstration

Wu Tao Dance

Monday 22 April 9.30am – 10.30am

Introducing the Amazing Dance and Exercise Program that will help you harness your life force and have you feeling energised, de-stressed and peaceful in 1 hour a week! Come along to this free talk and demonstration of the Wu Tao Dance with UK Teacher, Mary Malyon.

If you love to dance, need to de-stress, or simply want to try out a new form of exercise, then Wu Tao is for you.

Popular in Australia, Mary is one of the first teachers in the UK.

Wu Tao, which means the dancing way, is based on five dances: air, water, wood, fire and earth. Some are slow and nourishing, some faster and energising. Each one, though, corresponds to the 5 Elements, which in Traditional Chinese Medicine are the building blocks for all existence.

The elements are vital on many levels. They are linked to organs in our body, emotions we feel, stages in our life, as well as the seasons reflecting Chinese Medicine’s deep connection between body, mind, spirit and nature.

For good health and a life that flows easily, its important for all the elements to be in balance: Wu Tao is one way to achieve this.

Come along to this free introductory session where Mary will explain a bit more about Wu Tao and demonstrate some of the dances.

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