Visual Reflexology Workshop

READ THE STORY OF THE FEET! No pair of feet look the same. This is because each pair of feet shows the history of that individual. Learn how to read the reflexes and how visual reflexology skills can help you when treating your clients in this fun & interactive workshop led by Angela Telford.

Date: Saturday June 23rd 10.00am-5.30pm
Cost: £95
with Angela Telford

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Valid for self learning CPD points

Suitable for all levels of experience as well as reflexology students

Every Picture Tells a Story

As reflexologists the more feet we look at, the more we realise just how different each pair appears. This is because no two individuals are the same and the entire history of each person is reflected on their feet. Visual reflexology is not about ‘feet reading’ of the personality, but using the appearance of the feet to understand the entire holistic health of the person. It is not used to diagnose but to help balance the health of the client: a healthy appearance to the feet will indicate a healthy person.

Take part in a fun & interactive workshop led by Angela Telford.

Improve your knowledge of this much under used and under appreciated aspect of reflexology and learn to look at your clients’ feet in a completely different way.

  • Learn how visual reflexology will help you to structure your treatments.
  • Use your observations to guide the questions you ask of clients and help deepen your rapport with them.
  • Try out some reflexology techniques based specifically on visual observations.
  • Understand how your visual skills can complement palpation.
  • Deepen your knowledge of the nature of the reflexes.
  • Realise the benefits of photo taking for record keeping.

N.B. This is not feet reading of the personality. Whilst we look at the feet from a holistic perspective, it is completely reflexology based.



Introduction to this aspect of reflexology.

Followed by a Slide Presentation:

During the slide presentation we will look at photos of lots of different feet. Angela will give a talk about the photos and lead a discussion and a Q&A session in order to give us a deeper understanding of the appearances of the reflexes on them, and what they may be telling us.


Practical group work:

We will study each participant’s feet in turn.

Using what we have learnt so far we will see how much we can tell visually from the reflexes about each person’s health.

We will get immediate feedback as to how accurate we are in our observations. Then we will look for visual clues to any health issues we may have missed.

We will also practise some reflexology techniques based specifically on visual analysis, and note how they can complement our palpatory skills.

AoR Member Reviews of Previous Workshops:

“I think we all learned a lot & it will be extremely useful when working with clients. In fact, I’ve already found it to be so when treating a couple of clients last week” (Mo Bowyer)

“I can thoroughly recommend this workshop. It really helps you to focus on gaining maximum information from the feet before even touching them. Angela is also an extremely good facilitator”. (Jerry Snell, West London AoR Group Organiser)

“Just wanted to say that Angela’s workshops are really worth putting in your diary. I went to one and can’t believe how much I learnt!” (Claire Freedman)

Prices & Booking Information

The Virtual Reflexology Workshop with Angela Telford is a full-day event 10:00 – 17:30 on Saturday 23rd June. Cost is £95 per person.

Spaces are limited to 14 people per workshop. Please book in advance to avoid disappointment. Booking is available online:
Book Online

Alternatively, you can contact our Reception Team for more details and to book – open for drop-in and telephone enquiries on 01635 552874 weekdays 9:30am – 5:30pm (excluding Bank Holidays) and Saturdays 9:30am – 1pm.

About Angela

Angela Telford has been a practising reflexologist for over 25 years and a therapist for over 30. She runs the Visual Reflex Study Facebook group with over 2500 members and leads regular workshops throughout the UK & Ireland to develop the study of this much underused aspect of reflexology. She has written articles on Visual Reflexology for Reflexions as well as Lynn Booth’s VRT newsletter and Jane Sheehan’s Feet Reading magazine.

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