First Parenthood

Rachel Tapping is explaining about the First Parenthood – Mindful Parenting for Expectant Mothers Course:

We all want to give our babies the very best start in life but how do we find our way through the maze of information and advice?

By focusing on your infant’s experience as a developing human being – physical and emotional – you can get in touch with your Mothering Instinct and find the confidence to become the Mother you always hoped to be.

Sound Good?

I offer a six-week course to cover many aspects of First Parenthood, helping you to understand how your child will experience the world.

Through discussion and experimentation, with time for questions and sharing, we’ll look at topics ranging from how you pick up your infant to allowing natural gross motor development and how to create a calm, nurturing environment for you and your child to grow together.

We’ll be exploring seven key principles inspired by the Pikler Approach

·       Full Attention

·       Slowing Down!

·       Building Trust and Relationship at special times in the day

·       ‘With’ and not ‘To’ – the art of cooperation and partnership

·       Avoiding putting infants in positions they cannot gain by themselves

·       Uninterrupted play and exploration

·       Respectful acknowledgement of baby’s cues

This isn’t about me telling you what to do – there’s no method involved, just one or two handy tips along the way.

Together, we will explore a mindful approach to mothering which can grow with you and your baby. Other topics will include Nurturing Empathy, Handling Your Baby – the language of hands, Self-care, Play and Gross Motor Development.

Preceeding each course, I offer a free How to Understand (& Respect) Your Baby’s Needs Workshop at The Wellbeing Centre, Newbury. If you’d like to register your interest to come along to one of these events, please click here (even if a date isn’t available at the moment, we’ll let you know as soon as future dates are confirmed):

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