Discover Vital Wellbeing

What does Wellbeing mean to you? Many of us never stop to think about our health until we lose it. We assume that just because we don’t have a disease or any symptoms that require immediate attention, we are “healthy.” Most people in today’s society are thought to be midway between being healthy and sick. This can apply in the emotional, as well as the physical and mental sense.

So what would it feel like to discover Vital Wellbeing?

Pulling together her experiences of working in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries with the passion for complementary therapies that led her to lead The Wellbeing Centre, Director Claire Bushell explains why we should all be taking a proactive approach to wellbeing.

Eventbrite - Discover Vital Wellbeing

“What a brilliant talk from Claire Bushell about energy, genomes and epigenetics. Loved it…! So insightful.”
– Tracey Miller, BBB Success Groups

“Fabulous talk from a real expert. Thank you Claire xx”
– Mike Cane, Carmichael Cane Associates Ltd

“Thanks so much Claire – I found it fascinating, you kept us all enthralled xx”
– Victoria Lochhead, Frankie & Ruby

Outline of the event:

Welcome & Introductions

Session 1: Discover Vital Wellbeing with Claire Bushell

Break with light refreshments

Session 2: Introducing Nikken’s Wellbeing Technologies with Diana Dolton
– bringing natural solutions to common health issues into our homes and offices

Eventbrite - Discover Vital Wellbeing


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