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So many of us have a lot on our plate these days, juggling the demands of work, home and family life. At the beginning of the pandemic, there were high hopes that the global shift to home-working could mean childcare and chores would be divided more equally within couples. But numerous studies of working parents’ lives during Covid-19 have shown that a disproportionate share of the burden is still falling on women.

We know a bit of self care is crucial to help us cope. Mental health often suffers when you have so much to do and some much needed me-time can be the difference between making it work and burning out. But where to start? What do you build in to you routine that will help? Luckily there are plenty of ways to get some self-care into your life even with all the current restrictions.

Our sound healer, Heather Parker has an amazing and unique solution that can help. “As we celebrate women on this day (we’re posting this blog on March 8th – International Women’s Day), it’s good to have a few handy tools in the kit to help with all the ‘juggling’ that we are wonderful at doing on a daily/weekly basis.” As a sound healer, she uses her voice regularly but did you know you can also use your voice in a unique & healing way to give yourself a peaceful sonic massage?

It all starts with a good deep breathing technique. First we take a deep inhale through the nose & then with control in the diaphragm, breathe out slowly through the mouth. Repeat this a second time. On the 3rd round instead of breathing out, how about allowing your voice to make a sound? Allowing the sound to be as long as the breathing out is. It can be any tone. 

Do this a few times & as you gain in confidence of sounding you can play around with the tones. Think about where you are feeling the sounds within your body? Do you feel the vibrations of your own voice? Great! You have just given yourself a healing sonic massage!

To learn more about sound & shamanic healing or even having a one to one distant healings session you can get in touch with Heather here or learn more about sound healing through some videos on her facebook page.

Struggling with the juggling isn’t the only thing women have to face. Lots of women hold themselves back from progressing in their careers or perhaps starting their own business due to lack of belief in their own abilities. Don’t be held back! Coaching enables these limiting beliefs to be unlocked, personal strengths identified, and inner confidence developed, so that they can fulfil their cherished goals.

EFT is also a great way to work on limiting beliefs, fears or even just to help you process. It allows you to update old and unhelpful mindsets and create new ones you enjoy. Once learnt you cvan do EFT anytime, anyway so it’s a fantastic tool to add to your self care toolkit.

As Women we are often overstretched by our caring and work responsibilities and overlook the need to be kind to ourselves. Gentle Yoga is a perfect way to revitalise and relax.This class offers you a welcoming space and time to nurture yourself. To move and stretch your body at the pace that’s right for you. To go within and deeply relax. Regular yoga practice is an excellent support for many Women’s health issues including menstrual and menopausal symptoms, it is renowned for promoting glandular balance and relieving stress and anxiety.

How many women put the needs of others before their own? Probably the majority. We are brought up to put the needs of others before our own, this can lead to stress, anxiety and burnout. Taking some time for yourself doesn’t mean you have to go far. Just walking outside can make a huge difference to feeling of isolation and emotional wellbeing. Spending time outdoors on a Fresh Air Fridays Pathways to Happiness programme, has transformed the lives of many women who have connected with their purpose and learned that self-care is essential for health and wellbeing.

Women have spent the last few decades re-learning what it means to be women and how to create balance and harmony in our lives. Sometimes we need a bit of extra support and guidance to help us get through the day to day but also to see the bigger picture. Through the 1-2-1 healing sessions and women’s circle group work Diana Dolton supports women to rediscover their gifts and talents and help them understand their cyclic and intuitive way to connect with the world and how to tune in to access their own inner wisdom and magic.

Being more mindful and connected can be hugely helpful for mental health, focus and much more. Why not try a mindfulness course or forest bathing?

If your physical health has taken a hit lately then a bit of focus on that might be the best self-care. Abdominal massage works on all kinds of women’s health issues very effectively. It helps problematic periods, endometriosis, PCOS, fertility issues as well as digestive issues and scar tissues. Physically manipulating the body to help circulation, relieve pressure and promote healing to the womb and digestive system can have a huge benefit for all kinds of health issues. You can currently get an online consultation too if you are having any of these problems to get a host of self-help techniques and learnt he self help massage.

Sometimes we just need a physical reboot. Tension, stress or injuries and health problems can reall take their toll. Luckily there’s more and more help available now that therapists have created more online offerings and restrictions are soon starting to lift. From April you can book face to face appointments again but some things can still be done online – even ones that might surprise you like acupuncture. Reflexology, massage, kinesiology, bowen technique, acupuncture are all brilliant ways to reboot your physical health and face to face appointments will be available again in the next month or so. Why not book in today so you’ve got something to look forward to?

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