Want to lose weight?… Stop trying!

Lose weight without trying

I know it sounds crazy but I really believe that the best way to lose weight is to stop trying. Read on and I promise it will make sense…

One of the big problems I have come across when working with clients who are trying to lose weight is when don’t quickly reach their goal – they become unhappy and give up. When they are not feeling good it’s very hard to keep up the momentum that’s required to see a real difference. I think a lot of this comes from a basic underlying problem…

“I deserve better!”

The idea “I need to lose weight” can be easily translated by your brain “I’m not good enough as I am”. Telling yourself this on a regular basis is not going to help you keep up the positive motivation you need to really change your lifestyle.

What if instead of this we said “I want to be healthy!” This is a message that your brain can translate as “I deserve better!”

Straight away I’m sure you can see a big difference between these two messages. One is very positive and will help keep up your enthusiasm for reaching your goal and the other one can (and does in my experience) often leads to a downward spiral where feeling unhappy in yourself leads to giving up which makes you feel even worse – and less likely to try again.

Which one do you think you’d be more likely to stick with?

I found that saying to yourself “I need to lose weight” can start you from a negative place that’s more likely to end up in failure – who wants to stick at something that makes them feel like they’re not good enough right?! But if you start your journey saying you want to get healthy it’s a totally different picture.

This positive starting point could be what you’ve been missing if you’ve struggled to lose weight over the years.

The reward

It’s not just the starting point that can make the weight loss mindset a failure minefield either. When trying to lose weight there’s really only one reward and that’s weight loss.

The problem is that weight loss can be one of the last things that happens as you make improvements to your lifestyle and sometimes by this point people feel that they’ve made no progress and are feeling so negative before this stage that they’ve already given up.

If your diet has been bad for some time you’re digestive system will not be working at its best. Your metabolism will be slower than it should be, your gut will probably have blockages and you’ll probably be quite low on energy because these things mean you’ll be slightly nutrient deficient (unfortunately this makes everything you have to do a bit more challenging).

All of this has to be adjusted before you can lose weight quickly and this takes time. The amount of time depends on how bad these things are before you start and how much work you’re willing to do to improve them – so the time it takes to lose the weight effectively is different for each person.

So how do you speed this up?

You need to do more than just eat a little healthier if you want to see a change – you need to look at your whole lifestyle!

Boosting your metabolism can help speed up the weight loss process. You can boost your metabolism through exercise, certain herbs, what you eat and when you eat.

Improving your digestion to effectively break down food helps you get more energy and feel more healthy.You may need to clear blockages in your colon so it absorbs nutrients better, gets rid of toxins more effectively (toxins make the body cling on to fat to stop them spreading around), and it’s likely that a few pounds are just blockages anyway. Exercise, plenty of water and minimum caffeine and abdominal massage are all effective ways to get things moving.

It’s clear then that more changes than just cutting down the crisps and chocolate are needed if you want to effectively and quickly lose weight. Often these changes cannot happen overnight so losing weight is a commitment and you can’t always be your goal weight in a few weeks – sadly many people give up before they’ve made these changes.

So what can you do?

Forget about losing weight! Instead make your focus “I want to get healthy”.

When you want to get healthy you do look at a lot more – not just diet. You look at eating habits (when you’re eating, how much you’re eating), exercising more and ensuring you have a diverse, mineral and vitamin rich diet – you don’t just eat less rubbish. This means you’re far more likely to actually see more success and quicker.

The great thing about switching a focus to being healthy is losing weight isn’t the only reward. You get rewards like more energy, better moods, less abdominal pains or bloating etc etc and losing weight too!

When all the focus is on weight loss these other rewards are often dismissed as you feel rubbish for not losing as much as you’d hoped. Rewards like this along the way are so important to keep you feeling motivated so if you focus on being healthy you’re more likely to stick at it and you’re much more likely to succeed.

Weight loss without trying

If you have been trying to lose weight for years, if you’ve been on and off diets, if you’re feeling like you’ve failed – like you can’t lose any weight I promise you there’s still hope if you can stop trying to lose weight and start trying to be healthy. I’ve seen it happen. You might be surprised at how a little change in outlook can make you feel so much better and feeling better means you won’t want to give up.

Hopefully reading this will have helped you make a positive change but if you do need a little extra help then you can have some abdominal massage sessions or come to a workshop. Abdominal massage really boosts your digestive system and helps you get back on track, plus there’s a bit of coaching and nutrition guidance thrown in to support you as you get healthy.

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Whatever your journey – good luck!


Jo practices Abdominal-Sacral Massage, EFT, Indian Head Massage and Reiki here at The Wellbeing Centre. She is passionate about helping people that come in for treatments with her and also provides information on self-help techniques you can use to speed up your healing process.


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