Virtual acupuncture

Virtual acupuncture

My aim is to inspire you to make changes to reach your optimum wellness through support at each session to have the energy to achieve a happy life.

Over the lockdown my practice has adapted to support patients virtually. Although I’m now able to see patients face to face, some people still prefer to book a virtual session.

Of course the first question which may spring to mind is how do you do acupuncture virtually? Good question. In a virtual treatment I work with acupressure points, but more importantly I listen to what has been happening for you and then provide lifestyle support.

How does virtual acupuncture treatment work?

If you are an existing patient we would work from your last appointment and go over how you have been feeling. From there I go on to provide a selection of acupressure points which I demonstrate (virtually) on camera and get you to find them and feel comfortable. Advice is a big part of these treatments, this could be anything from meditations, affirmations, talking out difficult situations to more actionable ideas such as dietary, recipes and specific exercises.

What if I’m not an existing patient?

We would book a virtual wellness consultation for an hour and go over your health in detail and wellness goals. From there I create a bespoke treatment plan and start to implement it over virtual follow up treatments.

How many treatments will I need?

This varies based on your health and specific wellness goals.

Example: natural fertility for a woman; I coach over a 3 month period, bi weekly to explore, observe and then provide acupressure points and lifestyle supports to build a better follicular, ovulation and luteal phase in order to conceive.

What support do you provide in-between virtual treatments?

After our virtual treatment you will receive a slide presentation with visual pictures and written descriptions of each acupressure point we discussed in the call. Additionally any documents or videos of dietary, breathe work, qi gong, recipes, affirmation, reading suggestions and so much more!

When you re open can I switch from virtual to face to face?

Definitely unless you feel more comfortable with virtual sessions or have to shield for an extended period of time.

Do you want to start feeling better now?

Have you ever wondered why you feel more tired after eating specific foods? Check out this really wonderful FREE resource:

Can I speak with you before booking?

I encourage you to book a 20 minute free call or virtual session to discuss your wellness and acupressure and acupuncture.

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  1. This is so interesting. I never considered that acupuncture could be done virtually before. This is going to be great for people that still feel they need to be shielding but also want to do something to boost their health which is crucial right now.


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