Unexplained tummy pain? Could your colon be twisted?

Are you or is someone you know having excruciating pains in the lower, right side of the abdomen? Have the doctors been unable to tell you what’s wrong and said it’s probably just constipation? Well it could also be a twisted bowel – read on to find out more and how to help…

I’ve come across this a few times now. People come in with very serious pains in the lower right side of their bowel.

The pains have been so severe they’ve gone to hospital to have them checked but the doctors haven’t been able to find anything and suggested it’s just constipation. If the pains are this serious though it is likely to be something else as well as constipation.

This level of pain can be caused by a bowel being twisted. This can be caused by constipation, stress, injury/pain already in the area, scar tissue nearby or anything that restricts colon movement.

The problem happens at the very start of the large intestine (the ascending colon). The ileo caecal valve is the valve that joins the small and large intestines. The valve is very muscular and doesn’t move around. The rest of the colon is very flexible. The walls are stretchy like a balloon to accommodate food moving through it.

This doesn’t cause problems elsewhere in the large intestine but next to the solid valve it can. If the colon becomes restricted through stress or constipation through example one side moving and the other stopped means the colon can become twisted.

This is very painful whenever food tries to pass through it so the pain isn’t continuous but it is severe.

Doctors may find this condition hard to diagnose as it doesn’t show up well on scans as the colon may be in the correct position and not inflamed but still twisted. It can also come and go depending on how restricted the colon is by tension or blockages making diagnosis harder. 

So what can you do about it?

Luckily this can be treated relatively easily with Abdominal Massage. The massage clears tension and blockages really effectively.

Abdominal Massage also relieves pressure on the area and realigns the colon which very quickly relieves the pain. It can take a few sessions to completely heal but the pain is normally reduced after just one. You will also be taught self help massage in sessions so you can speed up the healing process. 

It is also easier to figure out if this is the issue with an abdominal-sacral massage because if realigning the colon relieves all the symptoms then it’s clear that was the problem.

Even if this isn’t the specific problem, Abdominal Massage is brilliant for any abdominal pain. It reboots the whole digestive system and by learning the massage to do at home, let’s you manage symptoms so they never get so bad again.

Nutritional advice is included as well so we can figure out what may have caused the problem and how to prevent it happening again. 

If you’re having these symptoms why not book yourself in for a massage and you could be looking forward to instant relief from your symptoms? I’m currently running an offer of 3 treatments for £180 (saving £30) so why not book an appointment today. To book a treatment or for more information please get in touch.

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