Trust v Fear

Trust v Fear

Today’s Blackboard Wisdom:

“Trust yourself… You know more than you think you do!”

At the moment in our evolution we have every reason – apparently –  to be consumed with fear…it is almost the 21st of the 12th, 2012,  the ‘end of times’…horrifying movies released and watched by children and adults alike, where icons of our culture are falling and being consumed by tidal waves and worse…..there is a culture of fear which has been created and is being ramped up in various ways by the media. And then there is our own fear, internally generated and maintained, by virtue of painful history, perhaps, or present distressed thinking.

I want to say so much about all of this – I could really rant – but simply, consider this aphorism – Fear is…… False Expectations Appearing Real. It IS an old one, but no less meaningful by virtue of repetition.

We need to consider what we may be generating and creating in our own minds, which is feeding the fears and spiralling us into a vortex  – the depths of which determine the difficulty of exit……I heard the other day of someone who had even taken their own life, in fear of the ‘end of the world’. In extremis.

These words – “If you don’t control your mind, someone else will.” – by James Baldwin, say it all. We have all of the power necessary to maintain our equilibrium – within and out – and we need to remember, for others, if not ourselves, that our thoughts are causative effects; and our words and actions are even more significant.

That said – in the week remaining before 21.12.12 I am going to be doing almost EXACTLY the same as I do normally – eating well,  sleeping, cooking, staying warm in my far infra red sauna (join me!); meditating, being loving, kind and wise around my children, exercising, reading, playing ….being ‘me’ to the best of my abilities….as I  TRUST – Think Really Unbelievably Sublime Thoughts – that my future is going to be fun and exciting and most of all deeply nourishing……….until way beyond 21.12.2012. …..and if “Beam me up, Scotty” IS the order of the day…..I look forward to meeting Scotty and his mates…..;-))

Bonni Southey

Bonni Southey is a complementary, holistic therapist working with energy and informational medicine and is highly qualified and experienced in various modalities.  She offers treatments with the CoRe Inergetix computer bio-resonance here at The Wellbeing Centre.  Look out for her weekly workshops coming soon to The Wellbeing Centre and covering many different therapeutic topics.

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