There’s No Need to Have the Blues this Winter

There’s no doubt that as winter draws in, we often have a desire to curl up in front of an open fire, or snuggle up in a thick duvet – and stay there until spring.  Back in primitive times, society would have done that.  We would have conserved our strength and warmth while resources were at their lowest in order to survive the harsh winter.  However we now live in a world of central heating and electric lights and expectations are for us to function at the same level throughout the 12 months.

As human beings, we have a fundamental need for sunlight and physical exercise and a lot of problems can arise from a lack in either of these areas.  However these are often the areas that suffer during the winter.

If we have an indoors-based job, we can find that we don’t see natural sunlight from one day to the next.  (Through a window doesn’t count as the glass acts as a filter.)  Sunlight stimulates cells in the eyes which then balance various areas of the brain.  A lack of natural light can lead to problems with our body clocks, our immune systems, and indeed many other areas of our bodies.

Exercise is another area which is vital for our wellbeing.  It doesn’t have to be a full workout; a gentle walk can do us wonders.  But often, we find it harder to motivate ourselves on a cold, dark winter’s evening.

Kinesiology can help on various levels with this.  It can rebalance our bodies, and therefore negate the effects these behaviours have brought.  By stimulating the glands and boosting the meridians, we can return ourselves to optimum health. However this will only be a quick fix unless we deal with the reasons we got out of balance in the first place.

It can help us to find ways of motivating ourselves to get outside and get moving. Sometimes, we just need a new way of looking at a problem in order to find a solution and by clearing the reasons behind our current beliefs, this will happen naturally.

If you are at a point where the winter blues have progressed into depression, kinesiology can help to find the roots of this and clear them.  We often carry around a lot of baggage from our pasts, which we may think we’ve boxed up quite successfully.  However I find that these boxes often leak and at some point they need to be opened up and emptied.  Kinesiology is one of the most gentle but yet powerful therapies at doing this.

If it is not possible to change your lifestyle to get enough winter sun, there are special lamps available to bring in full-spectrum light and good quality vitamin D supplements to boost our immune systems at this time of year.

There is no need to have the blues this winter.

Ros Kitson is a professional kinesiologist and practises Three in One Kinesiology and Face Reading at The Wellbeing Centre. She also has qualifications in Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology, and Counselling.

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