Sound Healing

Do you know why a certain piece of music can suddenly change our emotions in an instant? What is it that makes us want to turn up the volume if we hear a great song on the radio and what is it that makes us want to quickly change to another station?

Shakespeare once wrote, “If music be the food of love, play on.” If you put this in the context of Sound healing, this couldn’t be more true a statement. Healing sound definitely does hold the essence of deep love. Given with a pure intention, it really is divine healing.

We all resonate at a particular frequency and so do different parts of our body. If we ‘tune in’ to those frequencies we can use Sound to heal your body of ‘dis-ease’. Creating sounds by use of Voice, Gongs, Rattles and singing bowls, a session of Sound Healing will help restore your natural sense of peace & well being.

What can Sound Healing help with?

Sound Healing is great for insomnia, stress/anxiety and depression. It helps with aches and pains, (muscular and joint pain), headaches/migraines, helps with asthma and allergies and IBS as well as helping sufferers of terminal and long term illnesses.

It is excellent for balancing the chakras and clearing stuck energy & mental/emotional blocks. It can help alleviate light-body ascension symptoms such as fatigue/confusion & irritability. It helps even if you are just feeling a little ‘under the weather’. It’s brilliant if you want to feel more alive and helps you regain the health of your Mind, Body, Spirit.

Therapists offering Sound Healing:

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