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Are you struggling with pain and stiffness? Do you struggle with pain? Fed up with not being able to do the things you want and your health is suffering? You’re not alone.

Most clients come to see a physiotherapist because they are in pain of some kind or another. Perhaps you have injured yourself in some way, whether that is a muscle strain, or something more serious like a fracture.  You may have had surgery.  A Chartered Physiotherapist is able to guide you through a rehabilitation programme to get you back to full strength as quickly as possible.

Or have you injured yourself somehow, possibly something quite minor, rested for a while but it doesn’t seem to be getting better.  You don’t know whether you should push on through the pain or whether that might be making things worse? As a Chartered Physiotherapist, Sheila will carefully listen to your story, perform some tests to analyse the cause of your problem and work out a plan to help improve things.

This will usually be a mixture of physiotherapy techniques to loosen tight joints or muscles and carefully chosen exercises which are designed to continue the benefits of physiotherapy long-term.

Often problems have been with us for some time before we seek help and this is where an expert physiotherapist can help to pinpoint the structures that are causing the problem and how to improve things.

Sheila specialises in all kinds of joint and muscle problems, whether caused by injury such as fractures or sprains or related to work, hobbies or posture.

She also has expertise in treating pregnancy related problems. Sheila can help with back and pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy. In addition, she is able to help with problems after the birth and has a special interest in problems with the abdominal muscles.

She can help with ante and post-natal problems including pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy, back pain, divarication of the recti (a common condition where the abdominal muscles over-stretch during pregnancy) and general return to health and fitness.

Sheila has trained in specialist physiotherapy techniques to help with the scarring and tightness which may follow treatment for cancer. Sometimes the scars from cancer surgery or treatment can lead to problems elsewhere in the body such as the shoulder, neck or back, as well as the area itself.

Sometimes people have the impression that nothing more can be done to help, but often specialist physiotherapy can make a big difference.

Prices and booking details

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Sheila Bond

Alternatively, you can contact The Wellbeing Centre Reception Team on 01635 552874 to make your booking. The Reception is available to take drop-in and telephone enquiries weekdays 9:30am – 5:30pm (excluding Bank Holidays).


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