AiM and Neurokinetic Therapy

Neurokinetic therapyNKT is a forward thinking approach designed to seek out pain and movement based dysfunction via the use of manual muscle testing. This method has been found to be particularly effective in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, neck, knee and shoulder injuries as well as chronic back pain.

AiM (Anatomy in Motion) is a treatment modality which assesses how we move with extreme detail. Based on the outstanding work of Gary Ward and the proven theory that improved gait (foot mechanics) can unlock the key to a strong centre of gravity, postural realignment and eradication of pain.

How do these approaches combine for an effective treatment?

The brain controls all movement in the body; if you can gain optimal function through the nervous system the possibilities are truly limitless. Subconscious reactions are the key to long term improvements in chronic, painful conditions. It is impossible to remind yourself everyday to ‘keep good posture’ or walk a certain way. AiM and NKT are both designed to open your nervous system to effective and efficient use of your body as a whole subconsciously, not to just manage your pain but to eliminate it.

How do they work?

Neurokinetic Therapy – The brain only learns through failure so very specific manual muscle testing helps the motor control centre of the brain identify faulty patterns and reengage underactive muscles through the use of active release techniques and strengthening exercises.

Anatomy in Motion – The foot can manipulate pain all up the kinetic chain, through advanced gait analysis and manipulation of the foot, joints can be placed back into postural realignment permanently with long standing results.


Ben Fedrick


‘Was suffering with a sore neck and shoulders after running, Ben spent a long time with me diagnosing and fixing the cause, being hip related who would of thought!! Since my treatment I have been on several long runs with no repeat of the problem. Highly recommend. Thanks Ben’ – Dave Carlin, Distance Runner

‘Ben has sorted my back problems and taught me the right exercises to keep my back strong and healthy. He has explained how the muscles work helping me to understand more. I would definitely 100% recommend him to anyone with back problems.’  – Toni Brown

I play rugby and have had some recurring shoulder problems so were recommended to go and see Ben. He is extremely knowledgeable in his practice, talking you through what he is doing and why.  After our first session I noticed a difference instantly with greater mobility in my shoulder and much less pain. Ben is polite, knowledgeable, friendly, honest and experienced. He is also extremely good value for money!’ –  George Seymour, Amateur Rugby Player

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