Magnetic Massage

magnetic massage therapy newbury berkshire

Discover how magnetics can help you feel more energised, sleep better, relieve pain and inflammation and much more.. The Magnetic Massage makes use of advanced therapeutic magnetic array technology with a gentle yet deep-acting massage tool to work over your clothing up and down your back. Seated comfortably on a forward-leaning massage chair, you’ll be able to relax completely and enjoy the experience.

The massage session includes time to rest afterwards on a specially designed mattress featuring Nikken’s Kenko Sleep Technology.

Magnets have been used for centuries to help the body heal, relax and re-energize. They are kind of like jumper cables for the little batteries in each one of the cells in your body. There is growing interest in the medical community with regards to the use of magnets to treat a wide range of conditions based on studies that show they can help wounds to heal faster, treat epilepsy and even ease depression..

“…there is now mounting evidence that magnetic therapy can be effective. More than 300 research teams around the world, at institutions as prestigious and mainstream as Imperial College London, and California, Yale and Harvard universities, have found evidence of positive effects.

It has been shown to work in conditions as diverse as arthritis, depression, incontinence, wound healing, epilepsy and spinal injuries, and is being investigated as a treatment for many more, including cancer, migraine and MS. It can even, it is suggested, help to straighten crooked teeth, encourage bone to grow and help people who hear voices but have not responded to drug treatments.”

(from Laws of Attraction by Alex Murray, The Independent 2005)

Magnetic energy is part of the natural environment for all living things. Earth’s magnetic field is also recognized as a protective barrier against dangerous radiation from space.

The precise mechanism of action of magnetic energy on the human body is unknown, although numerous theories exist. Clinical studies have indicated that magnets hold promise in the development of new, scientific approaches to many of the challenges of modern life.

Magnetic Equalizing Technology is a principle based on the fact that human contact with Earth’s magnetic field has been disrupted and attenuated by the artifacts of modern civilization. This technology seeks to counterbalance that effect, and produce an environment that more closely corresponds to the natural magnetic field that has surrounded humans for millennia.

Try the effect out for yourself!

Kenko Sleep Technology is a combination of features that work together to enable better sleep, provide more rest and assist the processes of physical and mental recharging that form the basis of sleep. Kenko Sleep Technology includes magnetic energy, a massaging surface, far-infrared fibers and more to address factors such as support and temperature regulation that are crucial to enjoying sleep that is healthy and restorative. For more information check out the #SLEEP section at

Come away with a feeling of relaxation and revitalisation, with all the physical and emotional benefits of a power nap.

Allow an hour for the session to include a Wellness Consultation, 20min massage and 10min rest on the Magnetic Mattress.

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