Kinesiology is a deep but gentle holistic therapy, combining western techniques with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Its distinguishing tool is muscle testing; a method of tapping into the body’s knowledge to identify the underlying causes of health problems, and to guide the therapeutic process.

How does Kinesiology work?

All sessions are guided by the muscle testing. By applying pressure to an arm or leg, the practitioner can get feedback from the clients body about the energetic state of it. Various corrections can then be used to rebalance this. Any energetic blockages can cause stress, pain and disease. By removing these blockages and rebalancing the energy, clients find many symptoms disappear or reduce and they have an improved sense of wellbeing.

The energy imbalances are treated by a series of corrections. Some come from the Traditional Chinese Medicine system, using the 5 elements and the meridians. Others use flower essences, the most famous being the Bach Flower Remedies. Some provide emotional awareness. Others use movement as a way of correcting the imbalance or suggest dietary changes. Each kinesiologist has their own set that they’ve gained from the training they’ve done and will continue to add to them.

Kinesiology can help with just about anything, as any disease or pain has an energetic imprint on the body and mind.

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