Counselling, Coaching & Mind-Body Therapies

BWRT – Brain Working Recursive Therapy

Jackie Fitzgerald

BWRT brain workking recursive therapy phobias confidence newbury berkshireBWRT is an immensely powerful style of working that can often dissolve problems almost instantaneously. It offers the ability to work with a client using their natural brain function to quickly and safely overcome many confidence issues, phobias and self-doubt.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Dido Denman, Jenny Thompson, Rachel Cooper

counselling humanistic psychotherapy couples stress grief anger relationship children newbury berkshireCounselling and Psychotherapy enable people to develop self understanding and to make changes in their lives by exploring and resolving issues of a personal, interpersonal or intrapsychic nature.


Dido Denman, Lynda Bryer

hypnotherapy stop smoking weight lossHypnosis is really deep relaxation, relaxing the Conscious, thinking part of the mind to enable the therapist to tap into an individual’s Subconscious.  The Subconscious is extremely powerful, it is the filing system of an individual, every experience that a person has is all filed away in it.

NLP coaching

Corrine Thomas

nlp nlp4kids children kids neuro linguistic programmingNLP based coaching offers a combination of safe and effective therapies with children and teenagers that help them learn how to control their thoughts, emotions and behaviour. They’ll learn skills to help them think in new ways so that they feel in control and learn to understand the world from the perspective of others as well as their own.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

Christine Horner

RTT rapid transformational therapy newbury marisa peer hypnotherapyRTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) combines the best of hypnotherapy and other techniques to form a unique method for permanent lasting change. RTT gets you unstuck very quickly and easily, helping people change habits, relieve stress, anxiety and fears, achieve extraordinary relationships, and to be more successful in business.


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