Therapies & Treatments

Dedicated to the use of natural remedies, The Wellbeing Centre hosts a wide variety of affordable, holistic and well-revered therapy to help boost your health and wellbeing including acupuncture and osteopathy​ & many relaxing & remedial therapies plus a range of proven counselling methods ​to help with mental and emotional health.

We’ve catagorised the therapies into different sub-sections to help you see more easily what options there are, for example, for massage or energy healing.

Every well-trained, professional practitioner and therapist at The Wellbeing Centre is wholly committed to your wellbeing and general health.

Complementary Medicine Systems

acupuncture in newbury multibed clinic community acupuncture newbury

Counselling, Coaching and Mind-Body Therapies

counselling humanistic psychotherapy couples stress grief anger relationship children newbury berkshire

Energy-based therapies

reiki energy healing in newbury berkshire

Massage Therapy

aromatherapy massage essential oils lomi lomi deep tissue sports swedish reflexology

Remedial & Manipulation Therapies

bowen therapy the bowen technique children back pain sciatica

Other therapies:

Also check out our Classes & Events pages for more information about what is on offer at The Wellbeing Centre – yoga, meditation, mum & baby classes, hypnobirthing, training workshops, personal development workshops & talks, and much more..


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