The World needs more lightworkers

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Reiki One Workshop with Carolyn Sykes

Wednesday 17 April from 9.30am to 5pm

The World needs more lightworkers.

Do you want to be the person who can walk into a room and transform the energy just through your Presence? Do you want to be the person who can inspire tens, hundreds, thousands of people just through the power of your Presence? Do you want to be part of the solution to the World’s perceived problems, not part of the cause, just by being here on the planet?

By extending your magnetic field and raising your personal vibration up to the level where true healing occurs this is the potential you have in your physical body. Together, through this shared intention we can literally light up the World.

This workshop will literally be the most un-selfish thing you can do for yourself as you learn how to heal yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually you will be of service to those around you just through your own healed Presence.

Reiki literally translates ‘Rei’ – Universal ‘Ki’ – Life Force. Reiki One is attuning to the healing frequency of the Universe for healing of self, and leading out of that healing for others.

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Cost is £100. For more information or to register your place, please contact Carolyn Sykes on 07737 434238/ email Alternatively you can book your tickets using the eventbrite system below.

Lunch and learning materials will be provided, although you may want to bring a notebook and pen!

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