How to ease the stress of having a baby

how to ease the stress of having a baby

Having a baby can be a challenging time. Our bodies physically change and so do our emotions, as hormones are released to prepare us for the birth.  Once the baby is born, we have the responsibility of a new child to look after, and this will have other effects. The beauty about kinesiology is that it is a gentle therapy which is completely safe to have while pregnant.  Any emotional worries can be cleared during pregnancy, so we are free from them by the time the baby is born.

Many people have worries about their pregnancy, whether it’s fear of the unknown with a first baby or a fear that it will replicate a previous unpleasant experience or an earlier pregnancy or that of your mother.

Then there is the expectation that society puts on us, through the media, that pregnancy has to be an unpleasant and very painful experience.  TV and films depicting women screaming out in pain are hardly helpful and definitely not the only way of giving birth.

People may also have worries about becoming a mother, or how they’ll cope with an extra child to look after.  They may have worries about whether to go back to work or stay at home.  All these fears can have a negative effect, but they can be cleared with kinesiology.

There may be stress from the birth itself, particularly if it didn’t go the way you hoped it would.  There may be stress adjusting to the new baby and the pressures that brings.  Even post natal depression can be helped by kinesiology.

However, this is not the only way that kinesiology can help.  Kinesiology can be done through a surrogate, which makes it an ideal therapy for any stresses on a newborn baby or even on the foetus before it’s born.  Using the emotional connection between the parent and child, the therapist muscle tests the parent, but the feedback received is from the child.

Babies can pick up on emotional vibes from those around them soon after they are conceived. Therefore any stress that the mother experiences can be picked up by the baby before and after birth.  There is no way to avoid all stress for 9 months, our lives aren’t like that, but any negative effects absorbed by the baby can be cleared.

Babies can also have their own trauma from the experience of arriving in the world.  If the birth is difficult, if they are born into a chaotic environment, if they are taken away from the mother when they are first born; all of these can have an effect.  Or they might must find it difficult adjusting to the vastness of the world after the safety and security of the womb.

All of these can create negative patterns which can be carried through their lives if untreated.  I know from my experiences of my own work and my work with clients just how much goes back to those first few months of conception or birth.  The good news is that a visit to a Kinesiologist can clear them at any stage.

3 in 1 Concepts Kinesiology is a deep but gentle holistic therapy, combining western techniques with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. It defuses the negative emotional stress around an issue and is one of the gentlest ways to eliminate the fears and bring about calm, clarity and help you feel more powerful. It can help with both mental and biochemical changes that you may be experiencing. Kinesiology works on the basis that the body has its own ‘knowledge’ and this information can be accessed by communicating directly with the body using muscle testing. By accessing this information in the body, priority corrections specifically to you as an individual can be found to help diffuse stress, and to identify and clear the root cause of the stress.

For more information on how kinesiology can help you clear stress and emotional worries surrounding pregnancy and birth, please contact Ros Kitson on

Ros Kitson is a professional kinesiologist and practises Three in One Kinesiology and Face Reading at The Wellbeing Centre. She also has qualifications in Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology, and Counselling.

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