The Peri to Pause Circle

Perimenopause – do you have questions and would like some natural solutions?

Are you looking for a resource to answer questions about perimenopause with a natural solution in mind? You’re not the only one. Most women find the lead up to menopause challenging in some way and for many it’s a real struggle. Many have questions or would love more information. It’s often difficult to find good resources for perimenopause help and a chance to discuss the issues faced freely.

After the success of her Facebook live sessions Menopause Mondays in 2020, which allowed women to ask whatever questions they had and talk to a women’s health expert, Kim Child has created a new facebook group to help women navigate the journey. Kim is an acupuncturist based in Newbury and she’s specialised in women’s health issues for years.

Each week she offers facebook lives to answer questions, provides benefit packed resource guides, discusses tricky subjects like HRT, and offeres some suggestions on how to deal with life altering symptoms such as hot flushes, weight gain, anxiety and much much more. This is proving to be a really valuable resource for group members already, providing them with a space for discussion with people in the same situation and somewhere to ask any questions they have.

Often the peri to pause journey is fraught with a sense of feeling alone. Let’s build a community to help each other and share experiences.

Kim Child

To join the group, click on the link below. The Peri to Pause Circle is a private group so you just have to tick a few boxes to be added to the group by admin:

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