Tea of the Week – Chamomile


This week’s “Tea of the Week” is the soothing  Chamomile herbal infusion.

This gentle cuppa will help to soothe & warm you – a perfect hot drink for this time of year and getting cosy on the sofa.  Made with completely organic chamomile this lovely, relaxing drink is perfect at bedtime or any other time of day you want to find a moment of calm.

Our Chamomile tea is organic, naturally caffeine free & naturally air-dried which means the chamomile retains all it’s positive properties and has no nasty extras – just another thing to soothe you. It is also naturally sweet without affecting your blood sugar and is known for it’s abilities as relaxing drink that aids sleep but it has many other properties too…

As chamomile relaxes the nervous system it can be used to help induce a good night’s sleep, settle restless legs, soothe muscles and stop spasms – as well as making you feel soothed and calm. It’s also a great digestive – it eases bloating, helps to relieve cramps and reduce inflammation in the digestive tract. You also digest far better when you are relaxed as muscle tension effects circulation and can impact on the intestines so the less tense you are the better. Overall a very useful & pleasant drink that we should all have some of in the cupboards for those days when we just want to chill or wind down.

Chamomile is ideal for unwinding which we all need some help with this time of year so it’s this week’s tea of the week! Why not pop in and get your free cup today? Don’t have time to stop –  don’t worry! You can take a free bag away with you to try at home.

A box of  Chamomile (20 bags) is just £2.35 and is available anytime here at The Wellbeing Centre.

Coming soon to “Tea of the Week” – Revitalise,  Harmonise & Lemon Ginger and Manuka Honey

We’re giving away a FREE box of Chamomile tea this week. For your chance to win, simply add your comment below and tell us what you think!

Jo offers Abdominal-Sacral Massage, EFT and Reiki here at The Wellbeing Centre. She is a herbal tea aficionado and is currently studying Herbalism.


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