Sunday Solstice Sound Bath

Sunday solstice sound bath

Time to super charge your energies! You are warmly invite to lie down, breathe deep & relax as Heather weaves a wonderful tapestry of sounds through the use of the Gong, Drum, Tibetan Singing bowls, Native Flute, Chimes, Rattles & Voice. 

SUNDAY, 20 DECEMBER 2020 15:30-16:45
Old Bluecoat School, Thatcham

Recent scientific studies have shown that partaking in a Sound bath has a notable therapeutic benefit to your health & well-being. The vibrational frequencies of the sounds permeate into your body at a cellular level improving your mood, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress factors, anxiety, depression & insomnia.

People who have been before have said..

“The singing really invoked so much emotion. I feel healed and nourished to my core.”

“I could feel the vibrations in all the cells in my body. I could feel the different levels of sound. It was stunning. Thank you!”

“Absolutely wonderful! – Thank you for a truly amazing time. I will be back again.”

Please bring with you a yoga mat or similar, blankets and cushions so you can get cosy and some water. People often like to bring an eye mask. Please also remember to bring a face covering with you & come wearing something comfy. 😉

There will be hand sanitiser available on entrance to the hall. Refreshments will be available. There will be something festive to drink in a flask (please bring your own cups though) and some mince pies but if you’d prefer to bring your own food to help you to ground, please do so.

Covid-19 precautions and social distancing:

Spaces are limited to just 7 to ensure adequate spacing for everyone. You must sign the disclaimer with regards to Covid symptoms that will be sent to you prior to your attendance. There will be hand sanitiser available on entrance to the hall and all participants will be asked to wear a face covering.


Tickets cost £13.75. To pre-book click on the link below:

N.B. These sessions are not recommended during 1st trimester of pregnancy, for Tinnitus sufferers or those with a pacemaker.

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