Strengthen Your Inner Energy with Reiki

Strengthen Your Inner Energy with Reiki

According to the World Health Organization more than 350 million people around the world suffer from depression. On their website they describe some of the symptoms of depression as reduced energy leading to diminished activities and a loss of enjoyment.

From my 16 years experience of working with Reiki , the depletion of our energy systems is mainly due to our state of mind.

Energy (Japanese -Ki) follows the mind, therefore if the mind is too focused with fear, worry, and anger, we start to experience suppression in our levels of energy. Also, we are distracted from recognising these energy dips as we are busy with external factors; social media, finances, work, worrying about others and how we may be perceived by others and so on. These factors often create a chaotic mind and therefore is reflected in our internal energy system, which in turn leads us to feel less energetic, less content, less compassionate to ones self and at times others and creates lack of confusion instead of clarity.

The System of Reiki was created to assist us to return back into our own centre. This centre is called the tanden which is located a few fingers width below your belly button (or naval to be precise!).

Now you’ve found your tanden can you remember a time when this area of your body felt “off centre” or “out of balance”?

I bet you can as we have all experienced our own energy systems we just may not have recognised it as energy!

Reiki assists us to bring our mind back to our inner centre, releasing energy that is no longer serving a purpose for us and replacing with positive universal energy that is liberating and brings a calmness and clarity, that we can use for dealing with our issues.

For self development in working with your centre, it’ll take some practice but the secret is to be at the centre of one’s breathing. Of course, breathing is done by the lungs, but there are different techniques of inhaling and exhaling.

The most common breathing technique is diaphragm breathing, often called belly breathing. It feels like you are breathing with your belly.

When lying down a focused belly breath is easy enough to see – the belly is moving, but the chest is not moving at all. Ensuring you’re in a good posture, you can exercise belly breathing by putting your hand on the belly and making your slow, deep breath push at the hand and when exhaling gently and slowly push your hand down to a natural place. It should feel like you actually breathe with your belly, like that is where the lungs are. You can put your other hand on your chest, to check that it doesn’t move much too if you like.

The more you get comfortable with belly breathing, the more you recognise your own inner centre and your truly wonderful and unique energy system.

For further questions about Reiki or Meditation, please contact me or visit my website www.reiki-intuitive.com.

Enjoy the moment!

Niki Baggs

Niki Baggs, The Reiki Intuitive, is a fully trained, registered and accredited Reiki Master Teacher, with over 9 years of experience. She is registered with Reiki Evolution and is the founder of Reiki Youth, providing Reiki treatment, training and consultation to both children and adults.


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  • Great tips Niki. I love using reiki and belly breathing to help me calm down and get to sleep even when my head is buzzing with thoughts and ideas!

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