Spring is here!

Spring is here

“Spring is here! Its time to cleanse body & mind.”

Finally, the sun is shining and it feels like spring is here. Spring is a time to get rid of the old and welcome the new. We do this by cleaning externally and internally and allowing new opportunities to present themselves to us.

Here are my top tips for cleansing the body & mind:

  • Meditation – Empty yourself each morning, be like a blank canvas, eager for the world to make its imprint on you, then wipe it away and start again. Ideally put an hour aside as soon as you wake up to prepare for the day by being present and in the moment though meditation. There are many techniques – find one that suits you. Always connect with above, below, and the universe around yourself.
  • Quiet time/getting to know yourself – Put time aside for you, whether this be to read, listen to music, draw, or just sit and think, however, not to watch TV. Get to know the real you by writing down your wishes and dreams for your short and long term plans. Spring is the time to start planting seeds – not only in your garden but also in your life.
  • Intuition – through meditation and listening to yourself you can develop your intuition which will keep you on your path by advising you on the most beneficial choices to make. Learn to trust yourself. Think of little tests – whose that on the phone? How long will the bus be? Be prepared to make mistakes until you can tap into that voice inside.
  • Cleanse the aura – We are all constantly in contact with people and picking up their “stuff”, which sits in our auras and can easily be got rid of by using extreme temperatures, for example, the sun (but we don’t get much of this) or cold water. A cold bath or shower every morning is a brilliant way to cleanse yourself and leave yourself feeling refreshed. Carrying crystals with you during the course of your day to absorb the “stuff” picked up from others. Choosing crystals is very personal – just pick up what you like the look of and have a feel. Remember to cleanse these though just like you would yourself – sun/cold water.
  • Diet – we all know we should eat a balanced diet, and every now and then give your system a rest through fasting. Water/juice fasts for 3 days are ideal, but if that is too extreme then aim to avoid toxins (alcohol, smoking, drugs, caffeine, chemicals and heavy metals in food and beauty and cleaning products), and animal products, and eat lots of juices, salads, soups, beans and pulses and drink plenty of water. Start each day by drinking half a lemon squeezed into hot water.
  • Exercise/getting out into nature – getting sweaty = getting rid of toxins, and don’t forget the benefit of stretching – yoga is great for this. Finding a practice that gets your heart working, and pays attention to stretching, breathing, and quieting of the mind is hard to come across. Martial arts is good for this – look up Pencak Silat – Warrior Arts (its my husbands class so I am going to be bias). We could all do with walking more and we could all definitely do with spending more time in nature and the elements. Trees are here to serve us – they produce oxygen for us and take away our waste products, they also produce fruit. Look at a tree with fruit – it holds it out to us. Work with not against the elements – the wind calms, the rain cleanses, and the sun gives energy. Take time to see the beauty all around. The seasons remind us that nothing is forever, everything is changing, which brings us hope when times seem hard.
  • Talking & smiling – Be honest connect, listen and talk to everyone around you. Everyone deserves our time and compassion – just a smile will do!
  • Complementary and Alternative therapies – find a therapy that suits you, especially one that you feel will help supporting your cleansing of your body and soul. If you have a partner, family member, or friend who is prepared to give you a massage then that’s brilliant. A lovely blend for cleansing is 3 drops rose, 2 grapefruit, and 2 juniper berry to 25ml carrier oil. However, essential oils have contraindications so it is best to consult an aromatherapy practitioner before using them.
  • Clean your home, car, and workplace – de-clutter around you. Have a good spring clean – get rid of the old and make space for the new.

EDIT: This post was written by the lovely Leanne Bray who is now building up a new practise in Tavistock, Devon and the surrounding areas. For more information, please contact Leanne on mail@freeflowftm.com or log onto freeflowftm.com.

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