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Everytime a new member joins our team of practitioners here at The Wellbeing Centre, we pose them a series of questions to help us – and you – get to know them better. Please join us in welcoming Therapeutic Coach, Esther Limberg-Birks of Gym for the Mind, to our team.

Hi Esther, could you start by telling us a bit more about yourself & how you came to be a Therapeutic Coach?

Your time is precious and firstly I would like to thank you for your interest and time to read and learn more about myself, Gym for the Mind and how I could help you to live a life you love.

As living proof that you are never to old to change your career path and pursue your life purpose I re-trained at 40 years old and I am pretty close to having built my dream life!

Having previously worked in the corporate world a life changing redundancy offered me the golden ticket to pause, reflect and review my life and pursue my purpose because just being okay was no longer good enough.  This is when I was fortunate to discover the Fusion Therapeutic Coaching model and everything just fell into place.  I was immediately in awe as the approach to mental wellbeing just made sense, a going back to basics, solution focused, provides goal setting and accountability and I am constantly amazed to be a special part of people’s  life’s as I coach clients to coach themselves.  How lucky am I!

As a strong believer that no matter the circumstance there is always a solution to be found and following many life challenges I am Currently thriving in my midlife years and spend my days doing a high percentage of what I love.  I feel blessed that my clients trust me to support them on their transformation adventure and when I am not working I will be Home Schooling our son or I am  outside in nature with my dogs and spoiling my horse which is where you will often find me.

What was your first experience of complementary therapy?

I am a passionate advocate that your mind and body is designed to be healthy and well you just need to provide it with the right tools to enable it to do its job.  Nature provides all the answers and I have always had a natural infinity to complementary solutions. 

Several years ago my health was in a bad place and I was frightened, unwell and uncertain of my future.  This is when I discovered my Fusion Training which provided me with the confidence, some clever tools and the power to be in the driving seat of my life and honestly I have never looked back. 

I have met so many fantastic therapists who all have the same end goal, to help others.  Now I am always looking for my next self development opportunity I am hooked and never plan to stop growing yet Fusion is at the foundation of everything that I do.

What made you decide to become a therapist yourself?

No matter your wealth, culture beliefs or background as a human being you have several areas of your life that you need to have satisfactory to enable you to be healthy, happy and well. 

This belief is at the core of my sessions but in addition I provide many tools that enable clients to Coach themselves moving forward, the aim of the sessions is to educate as well as to listen.  Our lives have transitioned hugely over the years and people have huge demands and stresses put upon them and my job is to help you juggle all those balls with style.

What are your top 3 tips for wellbeing?

  1. Rest, fun and downtime is a necessity not a luxury.
  2. Building inner confidence and self belief is the key to your personal happiness and success.
  3. Discover what you love and do more of it.

Who has been the biggest inspiration for you in your wellbeing journey?

The founder of the Fusion Therapeutic Model has been my inspiration and I am thankful that Frances Masters is also my supervisor as her wise words guide me.  Labelled by the BACP as a trailblazer in mental health care I feel fortunate to have discovered and be part of this revolution.  The training changed my own personal life as well as my career and the life of others and have never once doubted my choices.

What issues have you had most success in helping your clients with?

Anxiety is the number one reason for clients to come and see me, although this is often combined with depression it is the hinderance of anxiety that is often the trigger of wanting to put the brakes on and be in control.  Common complaints of feeling exhausted and desperate to live without the daily companion of palpitations, stomach cramps, headaches, confused and over thinking and a too often feeling of worry clients approach me for the change that they are desperate for.

Clients are often managing, to the outside world there is no obvious evidence but as a human we all deserve better and that is to be happy, content and confident on the inside because that is who we live with.

Our physical, mental and emotional health is our responsibility for our own benefit and to all those who are special in our life.

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely” – Ronald Dahl

Can you share an example of a case study with amazing results?

I have a number of great success stories on my website but here is Elaine’s Story which is one of my favourites:

My acting skills had become Oscar worthy. I had the perfect job, relationship, new home. The stuff you dream of. People would say how envious of me they were. That they wished they could be as happy as I was. On the inside though I was crumbling, a nervous wreck ready to explode. I knew I couldn’t keep up the act much longer. I knew I needed help.

I opened up to Esther in a way I thought I could never do with anyone. Instantly she made me feel so at ease. No judgment.  She worked through excersises to help me cope with my anxiety and years of built up emotions. I could finally breath again. Work with my feelings not against them. I still use Esther’s techniques now! One of my favourites that really helped me was to write a letter, as short or as long as it’s needs to be. Then destroy it. Letting go of the tension and the hurt. Able to move forward with a fresh outlook and not hold onto the past. Focus on the most important person, beautiful me.

Sometimes you are so bogged down with what you’re going through that you just can’t see a way out. Esther helped me to open my eyes to the wider world. I now see things in a completely different way. I put myself out there. Make clear decisions. I have taken back control of my life and become a strong woman again. 

I’m actually living my life! 

I travelled the east coast of Australia by myself! This was my biggest turning point. The place that I had only visualised working with Esther. The place I went to in my meditations, that took pride of place in my vision board so that it was the first thing I saw each morning. I made it happen. And I loved it so much that I’m planning on going back for a road trip with one of the girls I met when I was out there.

My mantra since working with Esther has been ‘working on myself, for myself’. Everything I now do reflects this.

Without Esther I would never be the girl I am today. I’m taking on the world and I have no fear! Nothing can stop me.

It’s never too late to put yourself first. To make changes for the better and live the life you love! And Esther will be there with you every step of the way.

Esther, I can’t thank you enough for the transformation you have helped me make.   

I’m now excited for all the challenges life brings in the knowing that I can embrace it with open arms. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Choosing the right therapist is your personal choice, go with what feels right for you, where you feel comfortable and if you are ready to take control and make some positive changes in your life then I would love to hear from you!

What’s the best way to contact you for more information and to book a treatment with you?

You can find out more about what I offer here and I have an online calendar available if you’d like to book in for a session with me: https://10to8.com/book/eftgac-free/

Alternatively you can have help booking via the Reception Team here at The Wellbeing Centre on 01635 552874. The Reception is available to help with telephone and drop-in enquiries weekdays 9:30am – 5:30pm and on Saturday mornings.

If you want to talk to me directly first, you can reach me on my mobile 07766 741116 or email me at esther@gymforthemind.co.uk.

From Stress to Success – with confidence and self belief you can live your best life! I help with Stress Management, Career Coaching, Confidence Coaching, Exam Success, Relationship Management and much, much more. Using Therapeutic Coaching, I can share with you the life changing skills to be in control of your emotions, your relationships, your future, your success and your life!


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