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Today’s Blackboard Wisdom:

Carpe Diem

This lovely phrase (Carpe Diem is Latin for “Seize the Day”) delivers such a feeling of power and excitement to me…and potential..! What does today hold?? What miracles will occur today…..?? What miracles can I manifest today…..??

The words somehow deliver the fizz of being in the moment – in this moment NOW – which in turn creates a conscious awareness, an awakened state…and I find that when in this state, I become such a powerful co-creator of my next reality.

In this moment of NOW all of the ‘issues’ which previously controlled my energy, my power, my intention, and my action simply melt away – ceasing to exist at all.

The traffic slowing my journey…the difficult conversation with my ‘Ex’…..the ‘drama play’ of 3 kids at pre-school breakfast…..the invoices building up in the hallway….the Christmas shopping list….and the myriad of things that need ‘doing’…!! Everyone has this same excess at this time – in the headlong dash ‘to do’ and ‘to have’ .

On this new ‘clean canvas’ created simply by the consciousness raising effect of ‘Carpe Diem’ and being in the moment,  I am able to re-direct my energy, power, intention and my actions as though fuelled by a greater intent – a more conscious one….one that urges me ‘To Be’  before ‘To Do’ or ‘To Have‘.

Somehow, now, my energy, my power, my intention and my actions are injected with a greater creativity – a ‘Va Va Voom’ – a laser effectiveness, a crispness which all makes my contribution to the whole so much more meaningful……;-).

Try it.  Inject this moment with being-ness. See what YOU contribute so uniquely  to the whole. Carpé Diem….!!

Bonni Southey

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  • It’s so inspiring to come along to the centre and read what has been written there that day. This is a great phrase to use. It always reminds me of Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society. Loving the Va Va Voom effect!

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