Reducing Stress with Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Stress can be defined as the way you feel when you’re under too much pressure. Pressure can be caused from work, home or our personal lives, and each individual will cope differently with these levels of stress.

Stress is a highly individual experience. What one person may regard as highly stressful, another person may only regard as mildly stressful or perhaps even not stressful at all. Problems occur when individuals feel that they are unable to cope with the level of stress they are faced with.

As it is not the situation itself that causes stress (or everyone would be stressed by the same situation), but our reaction to the situation, hypnotherapy can be an effective tool for managing stress. By altering our reaction to a particular situation during hypnosis to a more positive one, the feelings about that situation can also become more positive. When an individual then experiences that situation in real life, their reaction will often be much different.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy looks for a cause and effect; what are the symptoms that cause your problem and then how does this affect you. Stress can sometimes be associated to a particular event “significant event” (cause)  that causes you  to act in a particular way (effect). Cognitive Hypnotherapy does not follow a one size fits all model but works with the individual on an individual basis.

I work with clients to help them reframe the cause and help them to help themselves react differently to that event.  It’s very powerful and usually only requires 3-4 sessions to see real change.

Where does the stress come from in your life?

This is the first step in a consultation session.  We will talk about the issues that you have, what you hope to gain from the sessions and try to find the root cause of the stress in your life. You can think of me at this point as your guide through your subconscious.

Is it a fear of something? Fear of failure? Thinking “I’m no good”  or “I can’t”?

Is it work related?

Is it partner/people related ?

What is it about your work that you don’t like/ that causes you to feel stressed?

Does it show itself at certain times certain situation with certain people?

What next?

Once we know where the stress comes from then we can then establish the drivers of these situations – these are call submodalities. By helping you to change these submodalities, you can change the way you feel in a given situation.

So by teaching you certain tools and techniques, you can learn to help yourself change state and the way you feel about whatever it is that’s been causing you stress in the past.

These empowering techniques, along with a relaxation mp3 which can be listened to on a regular basis outside of sessions, offer a great solution for dealing with stress.

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To see if this method of dealing with stress is suitable for you, please call me on 07710 726424 or email me at to arrange your free, no obligation consultation.

Rob Donnelly

Rob Donnelly

Rob Donnelly is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Practioner. He is also a fully qualified and experienced Fitness Instructor and Motivational Coach. He loves helping people to help themselves.


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