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Addiction is something which appears to affect our society more and more. As life becomes complicated, for some the instant pleasure response often found from alcohol, drugs, food, sex, love, gambling, over-working and excessive use of media or social sites is used to numb emotional and physical pain, and escape confusion that may be being felt.

As human beings we experience a range of emotions whether that is grief, fear, anger, love, joy, sadness although through what I have described above when a persons energy is unbalanced through repressed emotions, it accumulates a mass of energy blockages within the mind and body resulting in health deterioration.

The act of avoiding this process can result in more suffering and pain, forcing us back into our loop of seeking the substance or activity of choice to avoid the growing intensity of our emotions. Over time this becomes a strong habitual behaviour which becomes very difficult to break and the negative energy patterns created become more apparent within the determination of a persons emotional or physical wellbeing.

As the Reiki Intuitive I have many years of experience of working with people taking positive steps to manage their addictions or destructive behaviours through Reiki and other therapies. Many have found that the use of Reiki as an adjunct to traditional therapies has been a useful way to softly work with the core issues that trigger addictive behaviours although this is not a magic wand and the real change comes from the persons willingness to adapt and accept support to change.

In exploring addictive patterns during Reiki sessions, clients are encouraged to accept their feelings, and to be curious about how the emotion feels in their body. Clients are encouraged to allow the emotion to surface and be expressed. To express the emotion the client might feel the urge to cry, or make noises such as sighing or screaming. A system like Reiki views all emotion as just energy, so rather than suppressing the expression of this emotion, a Reiki session helps to release of the emotion and the resistance to the emotion. No emotion is viewed as negative and no judgment is attached to any emotion, Reiki makes the process of releasing emotions smoother.

Support is necessary in times of high stress for anyone with addiction issues. Without additional supports, an addiction can strike quickly. The following suggestions are ideas that can form a supportive framework as part of your every day life. You should not wait for a crisis to hit to introduce these ideas into your life. If you have addiction issues it is important to use strategies to prevent a crisis from occurring.

Counselling in conjunction with Reiki works as it is helpful to address cognitive, behavioural solutions to addictions.

Learn Reiki for your Self – Reiki is a great tool to use when emotions are charged. Consider learning Reiki for your self and you will truly benefit from the self balancing techniques you learn and stay with you for life.

Meditation will certainly be of benefit in working with the rapid thought processes that can be common for people with addictions. It is common to get into patterns of compulsive negative thinking, self berating and self hating habits. For some, meditation can help calm these thoughts and give you the space to let go of these habits.

Yoga is often referred to as a moving meditation, so if still meditation is not working, meditation on movement in yoga can be a useful tool. It connects you with the body, allowing you to connect with the physical rather than the mental, and often at the end of a yoga session you will feel more connected and centered. Regular practice as part of your routine will support you working towards being more connected with yourself. Another moving meditation would be Tai Chi.

Walking is a very calming, centring activity. Connecting with the energy of nature, the trees, the leaves, the flowers, the earth will connect you to your inner energy flow through the connection with the purity of the energy of nature. Thoughts become clearer, solutions to problems arise, and the inner commotion begins to settle down.

Playing or listening to music, be that tranquil healing music or rock and roll, connects us with our inner energy flow. It can be very freeing to listen to loud rock and roll which may tap into our inner teenager giving us a method of freeing that charged emotion. Playing music is a way of aligning with our core energy, and in the same way that meditation or yoga leaves us in a blissful place, music can take us their too.

Sports are a way to connect with our bodies and a way to release pent up emotions. Physical activity will aid the flow of energy in the body. There are many sports which can act as an outlet for anger or frustration in a productive rather than a destructive way. It is a great stress reliever.

I wish you well on your journey and please feel free to email me with any questions with no obligation to purchase.

Niki Baggs

Niki Baggs, The Reiki Intuitive, is a fully trained, registered and accredited Reiki Master Teacher, with over 9 years of experience. She is registered with Reiki Evolution and is the founder of Reiki Youth, providing Reiki treatment, training and consultation to both children and adults.


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