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As the official suppliers of Pure, Alkaline Water for RawFest 2016, I and a few friends (including Diana and Zebbie) spent last weekend from dawn till dusk and beyond dishing out water to 2,000-odd thirsty festival goers, filling out survey forms about people’s water drinking habits and talking to lots of interesting and lovely people. Many people were already aware of the benefits of alkaline water, and were drawn to find out more about our fantastic water systems, others were simply thirsty but once they tasted our water they didn’t want to drink anything else!

Congratulations to Lucie who gave a couple of fantastic talks and had people up massaging each other (see above), trying out the water for themselves and demonstrating the strength test that shows just how much our bodies love Nikken’s water.

It was a hectic weekend! When not dashing back and forwards filling up the reservoirs in order to keep up with demand for our PiMag® water, I was busy answering people’s questions, finding out more about their interest in the Raw Food community and – at every opportunity – exploring all that was going on at the Festival.

Increasingly, I’m becomming aware of the benefits of raw food and I certainly enjoyed finding out more and taking advantage of the food on offer at the weekend. I think that the great food (and water, of course) was what kept my energy levels up during the long days. A big thanks especially to the fantastic catering from Denisa of Second Nature and friends although I have to say part of the attraction to their food was the amazing vegetable and quinoa curries they cooked that went great with the amazing salads – talk about taste explosions! Healthy food certainly doesn’t mean a meal can’t be satisfying to both mind, body and soul!

The Raw Greek

Image by Living Naturally https://www.instagram.com/p/BIf3MUDgw8d/

I particularly enjoyed chating to some of the other stall holders, finding out more about what they offer and the journey they’ve been on setting up in business. We were fortunate enough to be situated next to The Raw Greek and I loved hearing all about Gina’s story about her passion for eating, importing and writing about raw greek food. I recommend you check out her fantastic recipes in her book The Raw Greek – I’m particularly looking forward to trying out the 3 day Raw Greek Menu Plan which is available for free when you subscribe to her mailing list >>

Opposite us there was a delicious smell wafting over to us from the selection of exotic fruits from My Exotic Fruit. I learnt so much about Durian fruit, Jack fruit (which incidently tastes great unripe too and has a texture similar to chicken as I found out in one of the great vegetarian curries I tried), Dragon fruit (my favourite – with a taste a cross between melon and kiwi) and others.

Later on I was able to take a proper break and managed to squeeze into the very popular Gong Bath session with Ladrhyn Bexx. After standing up and walking around all day long, it was amazing to be able to relax and immerse myself in the sounds and vibrations created by these huge instruments. Why not click on the video below and listen to a sample of Ladrhyn’s work for yourself whilst you finish reading?

Afterwards it was back to our stand for more conversations with people wanting to top up their water bottles for the night with our lovely water. But eventually, after a meditative and soulful sing-along around the firepit, Lucie & I made our way to our home for the night – a tiny tent in the woods made into a luxurious resting place with the aid of the Nikken mattress topper, sleeping bag and pillows we’d brought along (seriously, once you’ve tried sleeping on these you never want to have a night away from them).

The next day was almost as busy as the day before and I’m grateful for a strong cup of Liz’s cacoa to give me an extra boost of energy through the day. I’m just sorry I missed out on her Amor Cacao Ceremony!

If you’d like to find out more about the Alkaline Water we were sharing with everyone, my last article Better Water for Life is a good place to start. Visitors to The Wellbeing Centre are welcome to come along and try the water out for themselves – we have a system in our reception area and are often talking about the benefits of drinking fresh, clean, pure, pH balanced, energizing water. Here’s a quick recap with our top 4 reasons to drink PiMag water:

  1. DETOXIFY your body to remove not only normal acidic waste products accumulated daily, but also toxins absorbed from your environmnet, prescription drugs, processed foods and from the “normal” process of aging. Acid wastes collected in the body can lead to serious chronic health conditions.
  2. HYDRATE your body: this is the basic requirement to maintain or regain optimum health. During ionisation, the PiMag® Waterfall and Sports Bottle break down large clumps of water molecules into micro clusters that are much more bioavailable and are easily absorbed at the cellular level thus “super hydrating” your body.
  3. OXYGENATE your water to increase your antioxidant intake. Alkaline water acts as an antioxidant, scavenging for and neutralising harmful free radicals. Ionised alkaline water seeks out free raicals and converts them into oxygen which your body can use for energy production and tissue oxygenation. Cancer and most other illnesses cannot survive in an oxygenated alkaline environment.
  4. ALKALIZE your body’s pH to improve your wellbeing. Our bodies’ pH levels tend to be slightly acidic due to a combination of high acidic food intake (check out this guide to alkaline/acidic foods here), stress and exposure to environmental toxins. It’s important to shift your body towards a more alkaline pH as cancer, systemic candida and arthritis along with other chronic illnesses are more likely to take hold in an acidic environment and health improvements are often seen with a move to a more alkaline diet (hence why increasing your raw food intake of fresh fruit and vegetables is also so beneficial to us).

Plus, this water simply tastes better and – the proof is in the pudding as they say – is loved in particularly by children and pets (read my story here about how our 18-yr-old cat came to life after being in agony from arthritis through drinking the water for just 2 weeks).

Better yet, get in touch to find out how you can convert tap water into this amazingly beneficial mountain-spring-like water in your own home. Call me on 07919 128966, email me, or place an order online here >>

Claire Bushell

Director of The Wellbeing Centre, hypnobirthing antenatal teacher & Nikken Wellness Consultant, Claire Bushell is passionate about helping people live healthy, happy lives by improving & maintaining their wellbeing. She has a particular interest in supporting & developing therapists and raising awareness of complementary therapies.

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