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And so a New Year and a new decade begins..

For many people, the memory of the festivities of Christmas and the resolutions made on New Year’s Eve are already beginning to fade. If you feel the motivation behind your resolutions is decreasing, I hope you’ll hold on to just one goal this year.. to prioritise your wellbeing.

I know I’m not alone in leading a busy life, balancing the demands of work and family. Finding time to look after myself can be not only a challenge in itself but also one at times tinged with guilt.

I’m determined to blast through these feelings this year and to make looking after myself a top priority rather than one squeezed in between everything else.

So far, this has led me to get back into regular exercise, to set time aside for meditation and mindfulness, to learn french, and time simply to relax and be. I’ve got speakers set up so I can listen to more of my favourite music and audible books around the house and am enjoying some quiet time last thing at night and/or first thing in the morning writing in my journal.

This year, I’ll be continuing with the monthly Fresh Air Friday walks and talks which I find extremely nurturing and I’ve started (or rather, re-started) weekly Lotte Berk classes with the fabulous Jenifer Klepfer.

I’ve also booked myself in for the monthly Full Moon Women’s Gatherings with Diana Dolton and a rather special Sound Bath with Heather Parker at the awesome Salt Lounge in Basingstoke.

What have you decided to choose for yourself, going forward?

Many good intentions wear themselves out fast. We can help them last longer by being aware of our core motivation, particularly if we’re trying to move towards something, rather than away from something.

Take a moment to check in with yourself. Are you driven by something you want to see in the future or by something you want to get away from?

If it’s the latter, then you might like to take some time and connect with what you really want for yourself, your life, your family, the world, and choose again.

For me, the choice is simply to move towards a happier, healthier version of myself. And because (to quote from those rather annoying L’oreal adverts).. I’m worth it!

I hope you feel the same. And I also hope you’ll find this website a source of inspiration and information to help you discover your wellbeing.

I wish you a fantastic 2020 with lots of love, laughter and light.

10 thoughts on “Prioritise Your Wellbeing”

  1. Thank you Claire. Looking after yourself especially in January when there’s loads of germs around & little sunshine is definitely important. I like to meditate & do deep breathing & stretching. I also like to get my drum out & connect with spirit that way. Plus singing is a great way to increase your feel good endorphins, especially in a group setting. Exercise is important, even if you do it in the warmth & privacy of your own home. 🙂

  2. This has resonated so well with me Claire! All too often our wellbeing takes the backseat behind supporting our children, partners, pets and then work! For 2020, I have committed to making more time for my own yoga practice and recognising as a busy mum of three energy levels are low so I am booked for another wonderful Restorative Yoga Workshop with Beth of BeYoga who has an amazing skill for unlocking my deeper levels of awareness and relaxation! I’ve also downloaded some new, inspirational podcasts, am building up running again after a year of avoiding it and after reading your post I am inspired to download some audiobooks to listen to as I run. I am also stopping more to enjoy the little moments – to be mindful in the moment, when I notice something to stop, listen, breath and be grateful that it touched me even if for a moment!

  3. I echo everything you have written Claire, well put.

    The most important relationship we will ever have is the one with ourself so we must take care of ourselves and treat ourselves with care and kindness. It we take care of ourselves first we are in a better position to take care of others. It is counter intuitive to put ourselves first but since I have been doing this, life is much easier and happier.

  4. Great article Claire.

    My ways of looking after myself at this time of year are to take daily shots of echinacea/propolis every morning, increase my intake of vitamins C and D and have a daily smoothie of two fruits and two veg.

    My goal this year is to walk a 1000 miles over the year and I have an app and a pedometer to monitor that.
    I get additional exercise with Pilates, yoga and contemporary dance, plus walking my two dogs in the woods most days.

    I make sure I do fun things and stay away from the news as much as possible. Do creative writing and meditate every day.

    I make bone broth, which I use for risottos and stews, so I up my intake of collagen, minerals and trace elements.

    I also say ‘no’ a lot more than I used to. 😉

    ‘You can’t fill up others if you are an empty vessel’.

  5. Hi Claire, yep, I totally get this. I absolutely have to be able to be fully available and with a blank canvas for my forest therapy clients so that I can hold a circle of security for the group for the duration of the forest therapy experience. This requires me to immerse into relationship with myself. To move into a place of congruence and to listen deeply to whatever comes up I follow a ‘pre-walk routine’ that includes breathwork, meditation and reflection. Outside of my work I enjoy regular walks in the countryside, journaling, meditation and treat myself to an occasional reflexology session for the ultimate treat!

  6. Self care is so important! I think if you don’t take time to prioritise it then it catches up to you later. This has been one of my focuses for the start of this year – been doing lots of art on myself, meditation and taking time to talk about anything that comes up.

  7. Reminding ourselves of the need to prioritise our own wellbeing is a great way to welcome in the new year. Our own wellbeing is not only essential for us to be able to live full, compassionate and vibrant lives, but also to help us in our relationships and especially with those we care for and love.

    Very often, we don’t prioritise our wellbeing either from a sense of duty, or because we feel that we are not worthy. So I believe that the starting place, before we make commitments or give ourselves goals to achieve during the year, is to see whether we have any limiting beliefs about ourselves, what we deserve, and what we would like for ourselves, and to consider why we may have adopted these beliefs.

    This can take time, but it can enable us to unburden ourselves from past habits and thinking. It helps us to approach our new goals and wishes with enthusiasm and commitment. It also means that if, for whatever reason, we are not able to keep our commitments to ourselves, we can be kind to ourselves in looking at what has happened, and without labelling or criticising ourselves.

    For myself, I have not felt that the start of the calendar year this year was the right time to make commitments. This is partly because the energies have not felt right for me to make commitments or to start new projects. The energies are now feeling clearer and so I am starting to look at some changes that I can make, starting with a gong bath this evening and a Tai Chi class tomorrow.

    My regular commitment to my own wellbeing is my self-healing which I do with the angels and angelic realms. I feel blessed that I am able to do this and to share their love and joy with others. What better way to start the new year than with the angels!!!

  8. Beautifully said Claire. We begin January with making a long list of resolutions which we give up or forget about by the end of the month. For me this year is a year to learn how to take care of myself better and to make sure I have enough me time. I love holding space for others and witnessing their transformation and healing but allowing time and space for my own healing and transformation is vital.

  9. Thanks, Claire for a great article with some excellent thoughts. I completely agree about putting self-care and wellbeing first, although as you say it can be so hard when there are lots of demands on our time and energy.

    I love being outdoors and find time in nature is great for slowing down, being present and re-connecting to my own thoughts and ideas. I also like listening to music and audiobooks, I’ve just found scala radio which is very relaxing.

  10. Dear Claire,

    A perfect post for the beginning of 2020.
    Only today I was talking to a friend about making sure this year I honour myself more….she is also running on that same thought.
    Taking time to just be, reading a favourite book, enjoying an uplifting conversation with a friend, treating myself to a massage, or some form of personal healing session. Going to bed earlier, and setting clear intentions.
    We all spent a lot of time helping others but can often neglect ourselves in the process.
    I have joined a poetry group once a month to try something new – open my mind to new possibilities.
    Everyday set aside a minimum of ten minutes to sit in silence away from the world of being busy – TO JUST BE.


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