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Monday 31st March 6.30 – 10pm

Film screening PLUS Q&A session with the Director PLUS introductory short talk “Sound of Soul”

All for just £10!

We’re delighted to be hosting a preview film screening event here at The Wellbeing Centre Monday 31st March 6.30-10pm with a Q&A session with the Director PLUS an introductory short talk called Sound of Soul. We’ve been added to the venue list at the last minute so sorry about the short notice but we do hope you can make it along – it will be well worth the effort!

Los Angeles Film Director Khashyar Darvich and his new film ‘Dalai Lama Awakening’ (narrated by Harrison Ford) have been traveling around England, Scotland and Ireland throughout March 2014 after a hugely successful 2012 tour of his previous documentary film ‘Dalai Lama Renaissance.’ This new film is the Director’s “15 year realization of a cinematic dream” and is receiving enthusiastic praise from critics and audiences even before its 2014 World Premiere.

Dalai Lama Awakening, which features the Dalai Lama and is narrated by actor Harrison Ford, is Director Khashyar Darvich’s newest documentary film, which audiences are already calling “a shift in consciousness,” “transformational” and “preverbal.”

In a “5 Star” Review, calls Dalai Lama Awakening “a beautiful and thought-provoking film… [Director] Darvich’s compassion and humanity is apparent… Note [the premiere] date because you will want to mark it on your calendar.”

Dalai Lama Awakening is the 15 year realisation of a cinematic dream that presents the profound and life-changing journey of innovative Western thinkers who travel to India to meet with the Dalai Lama to solve many of the world’s problems. The result is surprising and transformational. Read more about it here! This new documentary film was born from over 500 hours of video footage shot by 10 cinematographers over a 15 year period, and is a dramatically new “Poetic ReVision” and Director’s Cut of his award-winning Dalai Lama Renaissance which won 12 awards and screened over 1,000 times around the world.

Los Angeles-based director Khashyar Darvich has won dozens of international awards for his films, which have screened in cinemas around the world. Khashyar Darvich’s company, Wakan Films, is committed to only producing films that have life-affirming messages and stories.

Dalai Lama Awakening also features innovative thinkers such as Dr. Michael Beckwith (from The Secret), Quantum Physicists Fred Alan Wolf and Amit Goswami (from What the Bleep Do We Know), Revolutionary Social Scientist Jean Houston and others.

Audiences who have seen Advanced Screenings of Dalai Lama Awakening express that it is profound, emotional and powerful.

“I felt my whole being shift into compassion. The film is a journey of multi- dimensional beauty.” ~ Sarah, Portland, Oregon

A big thank you to Carolyn Sykes for arranging for The Wellbeing Centre to be added as a venue to the UK-Ireland Tour with the director from Los Angeles who is accompanying the film to answer Q & A. The film is also preceded by a short talk called Sound of Soul. Everyone partaking in the events of the evening will be included in this heart opening session by Parwinder Kularia of Soul Jewel. Sound of Soul work is endorsed by Dr Masaru Emoto.

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