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This time last week, I was chatting to lots of expectant parents at Newbury’s Mothercare (see my video below). Fast forward one week and I’m reflecting on those mums who were keen to start a Pregnancy Yoga class but were worried about what the class might entail, whether they’d fit in, whether they needed to have prior experience of yoga and generally about what to expect. So I hope I can alleviate some of those concerns by giving you an insight into my own experience.

Here’s the video I alluded to that Claire, bless her, challenged me to doing (be kind, I came straight from a yoga class):

Will I be able to manage the class?

When enquiring about my classes, ladies often raise concerns that they have never practiced yoga before or have very limited experience and as such are feeling apprehensive about attending a class.

I’m here to say please don’t worry about your yoga experience (or lack of). These classes are suitable even for complete beginners.

We all feel nervous before stepping into our first yoga class. Even us experienced teachers feel nervous before attending a new class!!

Yoga is open to everybody – it is definitely not about how flexible you are – this is a huge misconception and the physical posture (asana) is just one element of yoga. As I always say, sometimes, particularly as new mums, yoga is recognising how your body feels even if this means we feel so exhausted we spend our whole practice simply lying on the mat using breathwork!!

We all have to start somewhere and when better than at a time to take a step out of the daily bustle and enjoy unwinding, relaxing and one-to-one time with your growing baby. Many ladies in fact realise the huge benefits of yoga physically and mentally and find that this is the start of a deeper journey with yoga and meditation.

Most expectant mums are either working very busy jobs or managing young children (or both!) and so classes offer a weekly sanctuary – some ‘me-time’ – and an opportunity to meet like-minded mums who will all understand exactly what you are going through.

Sounds good, when can I start?

I recommend waiting until you are 12 – 14 weeks into your pregnancy before beginning a pregnancy yoga class. From a yogic point of view, this is about recognising that the body needs rest in those early weeks of pregnancy when baby is going through crucial developmental stages.

What happens in the classes?

A typical class begins with introductions and breathwork to help you throughout your pregnancy, but particularly in your labour.

This is followed by gentle postures, adapted to suit your pregnancy and any health concerns you may have.

Finally, we finish with a deep relaxation using a combination of visualisations and self-hypnosis techniques.

Some ladies may even stay at the end to have a chat with each other as they are all going through similar experiences at the same time.

Getting to know other mums

One of the most rewarding things for me in my job is to see friendships grow – many ladies who have met in my classes are still meeting up doing fun things with their little ones years later!!

It is also such a wonderful feeling when I see ladies go on to continue their yoga practice years after attending one of my classes for the first time.

Since becoming a mum myself I have realised how women are a powerful support network, regardless of our stage in life and whether we have children or not, women develop a great sense of community and support for others.

Attending my classes will not only help you on your own journey of self awareness and relaxation, but it will support you in all the newness and uncertainty that comes with being a new mum. I know from personal experience that this will also be the beginning of some wonderful new friendships!

I hope I have alleviated some of those fears you may have had about setting foot into a yoga class. For more information for the class times and booking information, click here >>



Leah McGrath is a Registered (200 hours) Yoga teacher with specific interest and training in Yoga for Women during the Perinatal period and beyond and also for families and children. She offers a gentle Hatha class for Pregnancy, and Baby Massage at The Wellbeing Centre. These classes are wonderfully relaxing and offer expectant and new mums a welcoming, friendly place to enjoy some quality time with their bump/baby, meet other new mums and enjoy some relaxation.

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  • Claire Bushell Claire Bushell says:

    Your classes are always so popular Leah and I’m sure that’s because you care so much about everyone who comes along and make sure that they’re well looked after 🙂

    I loved doing that video with you at the Mothercare event!

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