Pregnancy Yoga at The Wellbeing Centre

Pregnancy Yoga provides an ideal preparation for birth.

The Wellbeing Centre last week welcomed Elena O’Keeffe, an established Pregnancy Yoga teacher, and ‘Soul Nest’ evenings began on Thursday 11th July 2013.

Elena’s work is based on the Kundalini Yoga teachings of Yogi Bhajan which she studied in 1999. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is an ancient and holistic set of practices that targets the whole body system. Inspired by her mother, who is a professional midwife, Elena began to teach yoga for pregnancy. Later Elena joined Carolyn Cowan and Satya Kaur to run ‘The Mother’s Journey’ which is a Teacher Training program to teach pregnancy yoga to health professionals, midwives and expectant mothers. The training is an in-depth study of the technology of fertility, pregnancy and birth from both a yogic perspective as well as a current medical standpoint; supporting mothers with pregnancy and birth across five countries.

Elena O’Keeffe commented “At Soul Nest we use ancient yogic tools together with modern midwifery advice, based on research into the benefits of yoga during pregnancy and postnatal recovery to support women during one of the most transforming phases of their lives.”

Research has been conducted into the benefits of yoga across three different continents, at the Prince Songka University, Thailand; Walden University, Baltimore and Greenwich University, London with good results.

Yoga is being increasingly recognised as an ideal preparation for birth and it has been reported that The Duchess of Cornwall has been practising this with a private tutor in preparation for the imminent Royal arrival. Yoga for Pregnancy enables a woman to remain fully present and conscious during pregnancy and birth; preparing them physically and emotionally.

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***UPDATE*** Elena O’Keefe no longer offers Pregnancy Yoga classes at The Wellbeing Centre. Instead, please see the Pregnancy Yoga in Newbury classes run by Leah McGrath >>

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