Sheila Bond

Sheila is a Chartered Physiotherapist with many years’ experience in the NHS, mainly working with people in pain. She has always been interested in the connection between the body and the mind.

I first became interested in mindfulness at a course for physiotherapists, when I saw how much it helped someone with severe sciatic pain who had not been helped by other forms of treatment. This prompted me to research mindfulness and led me to Breathworks, the organisation who developed Mindfulness-Based Pain Management. At my first Mindfulness training course, I was really moved by the powerful stories of people whose lives had been transformed by mindfulness. I also found that there is a lot of research to support the use of mindfulness. I decided to train to become an accredited mindfulness teacher.

I have trained in accordance with the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers Good Practice Guidelines and adhere to their strict standards.

I aim, by teaching high quality Mindfulness courses, to help people find more balance and really improve their quality of life.

I run 3 mindfulness courses and I also run individual sessions:

Mindfulness for Stress can help if you are experiencing stress due to work, family, relationships, bereavement or other factors beyond your control. It can also help if you want to learn strategies to deal with the general complexity and pace of modern life.

Mindfulness for Pain Relief, Health and Wellbeing can help if you suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis or back pain. It can help if you have a long-term health condition like multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons or chronic fatigue syndrome/ME. It can also help those seeking chronic pain management.

Mindfulness for Cancer can help if you have a diagnosis of cancer. Generally, the best time to start to learn mindfulness is when you have completed your radical treatment ie surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.


8 week course £240 including materials (course workbook + set of 3-4 CDs/MP3 downloads)

One to one sessions £60 per hour

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