Jenifer Klepfer

Jenifer Klepfer runs Lotte Berk exercise classes here at The Wellbeing Centre as well as at St George’s Hall in Newbury.

“From my first Lotte Berk class, I fell in love with the exercises. Their blend of the physical and the artistic is inspired…and it really works! Tough but graceful, hilarious and ribald but serious when it comes to working hard, every class is uplifting, interesting, painful and fun.”

Before moving to the UK via France, Cyprus and the Netherlands, Jenifer grew up in Philadelphia. She studied classical ballet between the ages of 5 and 23. She has also studied Tai Chi, trained as a swimmer, and delved into the Martha Graham technique.

“My love of physicality is coupled with a passion for the arts. Although I have a degree in Art History, training in Fine Art, and am also a jazz singer, it was through my love of writing that I was introduced to the Lotte Berk technique, working with Lotte’s daughter, Esther Fairfax, on her memoir ‘My Improper Mother and Me’. I then trained with Esther in her Hungerford studio and together we cam up with the idea of creating the Lotte Berk Original™ classes and reset the standard of an authentic Lotte Berk class.

Lotte was so ahead of her time and her method is so darn good that exercises around the world are based on it.  Lotte was no business woman and did not benefit financially from this global success.  She wanted to train teachers and let them take the method further, let them run their own businesses and develop the method.  She had no interest in checking up on studios or having any control over teachers.  She felt once she had trained the teacher her work with them was finished and they could go forth and teach unfettered.

No bells, no whistles, no gimmicks, the Lotte Berk Original™ classes contain just the original method in its true form, with the skilled adaptation by Esther over the last 40 years to hone and perfect the technique, in keeping with Lotte’s philosophy and vision.  It is our hope that Lotte Berk Original™ will be a touchstone for practitioners globally and ensure that Lotte’s original and beautifully effective method is not lost.”

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Price per class: £10

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