Diana Dolton

Diana is a Transference Healing® Practitioner offering one-to-one healings as well as group Alchemical & Healing Meditation sessions. She also runs a monthly Goddess Circle. Her goal is to offer a nurturing space for you to embrace your own inner gifts and talents.


During my process of self-healing, I realised that I have searched for a road to knowledge and happiness my entire life.

When I discovered Transference Healing® I felt instinctively that this was my path, and I knew that I had walked this path before. The energy felt familiar and the knowledge and teachings contained within seemed to be a natural progression of my journey, seeking knowledge of the ancient mysteries. My soul just felt at ease and could open within this lineage, as the answers to the mysteries are being revealed.

Through my continual journey with Transference Healing® I have had a glimpse of the magnificence of life. I am blessed to be able to see beyond the mundane routine and to understand and feel I am part of creation.

Through practising and running Transference Healing®, finally my dormant divine talents are being awakened and this allows me to follow my path to be of service to others, whilst also fulfilling my search for knowledge and happiness.

I would love to share this pathway of self-healing and empowerment with you if you feel drawn, and offer a nurturing space for you to embrace your own inner gifts and talents.

In loving and nurturing service,


Service Offerings & Prices:

Transference Healing® – £69 for a one-to-one healing session – typical session is 2 hours

Goddess Circle – £15
Dates availabe on the page – Sunday 10:30am-12:00pm
Every month we create a sacred divine feminine space. This is intended as a space for peace, healing and reconnection to the feminine principle to embrace your Goddess within.

Lunchtime Meditation – £5
Tuesdays 12:30 – 1pm
Is life passing you by too quickly? Feeling overwhelmed, overworked, stressed, un-grounded? Meditation doesn’t have to be long to feel the benefit. Let meshow you how to boost your energy and feel more grounded in just 30 minutes!

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Contact details:

Mobile: 07882 632347
Email: diana@dianadolton.co.uk
Website: www.dianadolton.co.uk
Facebook page: Matrix Alchimia


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