Miracles Intensive with Jason Chan

Jason Chan

I’m really looking forward to Jason Chan returning to The Wellbeing Centre next week to give an intensive workshop to help bring miracles into our lives. Jason will demonstrate how combining some powerful energy practices and infinite meditation techniques can assist you to open your mind and hearts to love and help you lead the life you have always longed for.

What I love about Jason is his combination of spiritual wisdom with a grounded common sense, great sense of humour and an almost child-like love of life that makes his talks so entertaining! His sell-out talk here back in 2012 was highly received and created a lot of interest in his work. So I’m delighted that he has decided to run his workshop once again at The Wellbeing Centre.

I’ve been reading Jason’s book “Infinite Abundance: Becoming a Spiritual Millionaire” recently and it has been a comfort and guide to me through some challenging times. I’ve been particularly drawn to his chapter on Energy Management. He urges his readers to aspire to be totally happy and fulfilled, believing that it is not enough to live a comfortable, normal life but instead to seek stimulating growth & challenges; to have a meaningful life.

Like many, I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I tend to put maximum effort into everything I do. I know all to well that if I just sit back and say “I can’t do it. It’s too hard. I give up.” the universe will simply say “Your wish is my command.”

However, the danger is that if you work until you’re exhausted you could well burn out before you’ve achieved your goals. I’ve just had a timely reminder of this myself – being stuck in bed with a dreadful bug over the weekend after one too many late nights/early mornings working without a proper restorative break in-between. It’s a good thing that I’m surrounded by a great team of therapists at The Wellbeing Centre who provide numerous ways to help in this area. I personally find yoga, meditation, massage, acupuncture and reiki to be great ways to boost my energies but I also need to factor in the basics of good nutrition and plenty of rest!

So I’m really looking forward to Jason’s workshop next week. Jason knows of some super tools to help with energy management and how to bring miracles into our lives and that’s something I’m really interested in! He says: “You are supposed to be living a miraculous life, full to over-flowing with love, peace, joy and infinite abundance. But to live an exceptionally beautiful life like this, you first have to know how to become ‘miracle minded’.”

This interactive event will take place over two consecutive evenings:  Thursday 24th October and Friday 25th October from 7 – 10pm.

Tickets: £60 for both evenings, limited spaces so booking advisable (Please wear comfortable clothing for movement and energy work)

Venue: The Wellbeing Centre, 6 Pound Street, Newbury RG14 6AA (Arrival at 6:30 pm)

To book, please contact Carolyn Sykes: carolyn@infinitegrace.co.uk

Mobile: 07737 434238 (or contact The Wellbeing Centre on 01635 552874 during our newly extended reception hours 9.30am – 5.30pm Mon-Fri)

Website: www.infinitegrace.co.uk

Did you see Jason Chan at The Wellbeing Centre last time he was here? Or have you been hearing about him from Carolyn’s meditation classes or perhaps you’ve read his books? Please share your experiences of Jason in the comments below – we’d love to know what you think!

Claire Bushell

Director of The Wellbeing Centre, hypnobirthing antenatal teacher & Nikken Wellness Consultant, Claire Bushell is passionate about helping people live healthy, happy lives by improving & maintaining their wellbeing. She has a particular interest in supporting & developing therapists and raising awareness of complementary therapies.

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  • I’m really looking forward to this. I loved meeting Jason at the last talk he gave here – I found in him a great mix of spiritual wisdom and a down-to-earth attitude plus a great sense of humour!

  • Carolyn says:

    Since meeting Jason my life has changed in ways I could not have imagined 5 years ago. I have been a diligent student of his for almost 4 years now! – and it is a passionate aspect of my mission to be a conduit for the Miracles he ignites, and to spread the opportunity of being in his presence to as many of you as possible – to meet a master of his calibre is the Ultimate Good Karma in this lifetime. So why not come along and see what I am talking about? Thursday may just change YOUR life, forever.

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