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Everytime a new member joins our team of practitioners here at The Wellbeing Centre, we pose them a series of questions to help us – and you – get to know them better. Please join us in welcoming Christine Horner to our team.

Hi Christine, could you start by telling us a bit more about yourself & how you became interested in Rapid Transformational Therapy?

When I left school (a long time ago) I really had no idea what to do for a career and was a bit lost. I ended up training as a radiographer and worked in the NHS, but it didn’t float my boat really. A knee injury got me looking at alternative therapies and I was hooked. After having my 4 children, being a stay at home mum for quite a while, and after a lot of exploring various therapies I discovered Marisa Peer who totally inspired me with her knowledge and passion, so I trained in her approach – Rapid Transformational Therapy. I also have a passion for traveling and spent four years living in New Zealand.

What was your first experience of complementary therapy?

I had an issue with my knee in my early 20s. After several treatments from my GP that didn’t work I was told surgery was the only option. I didn’t fancy that. He seemed very keen to cut out bits of me without really looking for the reason and root of the problem, so I ventured off into alternative therapies looking for a better solution. I met a guy on a Zen retreat who manipulated my knee for just a couple of minutes, told me to drink a lot of fluid, and after just 48 hours my three year old knee problem was completely gone!

After that I just wanted to learn everything I could get my hands on about energy healing and nutrition. The first things I learned were a little Shiatsu and Reiki, then I went down the rabbit hole looking for why we get sick and the power of the mind. I had this big question about how we create sickness and pain. That’s how I discovered Marisa Peer and Rapid Transformational Therapy.

What made you decide to become a therapist yourself?

I’d originally gone into radiography because I enjoyed working with people. After having had such a wonderful experience with other therapies I felt I was wasting my time in the NHS. Alternative therapies had so much more to offer in terms of helping people feel better. The hardest thing for me was choosing what to do.

What drove me in the end was my desire to get to the root of why I put up with being so unhappy in my life, and why I disliked myself so much. I always thought there was something wrong with me. Being a mum sent me into full blown ‘sacrifice’ mode for a while and I ended up totally burnt out. RTT got to the root of my self esteem issues and self-sacrifice. After that I wanted to learn and share the benefits. So many of us, mothers especially, feel we have to give, give, give with no thought for our own needs. There’s no balance in that. I help people get back into balance now.

What are your top 3 tips for Wellbeing?

  • Self care. (I wanted to write that 3 times!) Be loving to yourself. You are worth it. Put your own mask on first and all that. I learned this the hard way.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We all need each other. Don’t suffer on your own thinking you aren’t worth help or that nobody cares.
  • Talk to yourself as if you were talking to your best friend. Your mind is always listening and gets its instructions from YOU! And it believes everything you say.

Who has been the biggest inspiration for you in your wellbeing journey?

I find my teacher  Marisa Peer very inspiring and read or listen to her as often as I can. She does some good talks on Mindvalley. I also love the work of Gabor Mate on why we get sick, Bruce Lipton, Dr Joe Dispenza and a guy called Brian Ridgway who makes me question everything I think I know. (And I love that!)

What issues have you had most success in helping your clients with?

  • Confidence issues, anxiety, fears, self-sabotage.
  • Feelings of not being ‘enough’, or not lovable.
  • Negative belief patterns and behaviours that block your happiness and joy in life, such as not looking after your own needs, or not asking for help (leading to burn out).
  • Behaviour used to cope with difficult feelings eg. using food for comfort, drinking a whole bottle of wine each night.

Can you share an example of a case study with amazing results?

I helped a lady who had some really negative beliefs about starting her business. She believed that she needed to work ‘really hard’ and that everything was temporary, so what was the point in even trying. Her business equaled pain! We found out where those beliefs came from, and shifted her pattern of thinking. After that she got going with the business easily, and really looked forward getting up every morning. Her mindset had completely shifted.

What’s the best way to contact you for more information and to book a treatment with you?

I recommend that you first book in for a complimentary pre-session chat with me. You can pick a time slot that works best for you using my online booking form system (press the button below). Alternatively give The Wellbeing Centre a call on 01635 552874 (available for drop-in and telephone enquiries weekdays 9:30am-5:30pm, excluding Bank Holidays).

Christine Horner

Are you looking for a shift in your life? Perhaps you have issues with confidence, self esteem, anxiety, or you feel you are just ‘not enough’. Maybe it’s been a while since there was any joy in your life?

These issues may be affecting your life in profound ways. Feelings of shame and guilt, money issues, excess weight, feelings of not being worthy of the good things in life, to pain or even chronic illness.

I help people understand the cause – reason – root of these issues. With this powerful, liberating knowledge, you will begin to heal and can embrace more empowering beliefs. Your habits of thought and feeling will shift automatically as new options become available to you, and your life will change as you become open to confidence and joy.


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  • Claire Bushell Claire Bushell says:

    Hi Christine, great to have you as part of team here at The Wellbeing Centre. Thanks for sharing your answers to our questions. It’s great to get to know you better as a result and I love hearing about how you chased your own questions about sickness and the power of the mind like a rabbit down the hole. My own experience was very similar! At some point, it became imperative to get to the root cause of problems, not just put a sticking plaster over them and hope for the best!

    I wish you all the best in your work now as a therapist and look forward to working with you to help you reach out to and help many more people through the Rapid Transformational Therapy you offer 🙂 x

  • Sheila Bond Sheila Bond says:

    I enjoyed reading this and finding out more Rapid Transformational Therapy, Christine. Looking forward to meeting you at the Wellbeing Centre

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