Meditation and Kundalini Yoga

As we head towards the Winter Solstice and the nights draw in, this season offers us a very special time for reflection and meditation. Meditation is a process that is widely misunderstood and, like all self-initiating mind / body practices, needs to be experienced to be appreciated. Here are some reasons for trying…

Why meditate?

It has some amazing benefits, not least:

  • Stress release
  • Increased mental clarity and focus
  • The quiet, still time helps the body heal
  • A feeling of love and connection
  • Builds our intuitive capacity, helping us know what to do and when

Still unsure?

“But I can’t sit still or find a place to do it”

We don’t need to be sitting cross legged on the floor or in beautiful and peaceful surroundings to meditate. We can meditate anywhere! Most meditations can be done sitting with a good posture in a chair, and it is even possible to meditate lying down.

I can’t find the time

A good starting time is just 3 minutes! Do you have 3 minutes in your day?

I can’t stop thinking

When meditating, it is inevitable that our mind will wander. Our intellect releases thousands of thoughts at a rapid rate on a constant basis. It is not possible for us to completely escape our thoughts. The process of meditation trains our mind to focus on the resting place of a focal point without attachment to our thoughts. We learn to let the thoughts come, and let the thoughts go! With practice over time, we gradually find and appreciate a stillness within ourselves.

Kundalini Yoga meditations are especially accessible and a great place to start learning to meditate. In Kundalini Yoga we use focal points to help us with the process of meditation including the breath, eye focus, areas of our body, hand positions and mantra (either silently repeated or chanted).

Meditation is the jewel in the crown of yoga and well worth the effort!

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