“…Make the most of yourself”

Today’s blackboard quote is: “The best thing you can do for the world is make the most of yourself.”

This ties in very nicely with another interesting quote I heard recently “Everyone wants to change the world but no one thinks of changing themselves”. It’s important to remember that any significant change you want to see has to start with you. Your own outlook and attitude can make a world of difference to any situation. The more positive and happy you are the more positive and happy any situation you are in can be. This can be hard at times but, as with so many things, the more you practice the easier it becomes. If everyone did this it really would change the world but always remember those changes start with you.  You have the power to change your life for the better everyday and inspire those around you to do the same – so why not start today!

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Jo Medhurst

Jo is a fully qualified and insured holistic therapist practising Abdominal-Sacral Massage, Indian Head MassageEFT and Reiki here at The Wellbeing Centre as well as helping out on the reception desk.  Visit during our drop in reception times on Wednesdays 9.30am – 2.30pm and you’ll most likely find Jo smiling “hello as you come through the door.

What is “Blackboard Wisdom”?

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Jo practices Abdominal-Sacral Massage, EFT, Indian Head Massage and Reiki here at The Wellbeing Centre. She is passionate about helping people that come in for treatments with her and also provides information on self-help techniques you can use to speed up your healing process.


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