Kinesiology and Backcare

Any pain can be the result of the body giving us a nudge to clear our emotional blocks.

The body always likes to re-align to its most healthy and happy and will give us an indicator of problems as soon as they arrive.  If we ignore these, the nudges move from emotional to physical.

Physical symptoms often relate metaphorically.  A lot of the phrases we use in day to day life actually are relevant in understanding our own healing.

All joint and muscle pain relates to base chakra imbalances, which correspond to our presence in physical form.  Joint and muscle problems relate specifically to our resistance to change.

Back pain is usually to do with feeling supported, as the spine is the main physical support for the body.  The position along the spine depends on where that unsupported feeling is showing up in our lives.

Lower back pain relates to creative, financial or sexual issues.  Middle back problems relate to our personal power and guilt issues.  Upper back problems relate to emotional support.  Neck problems relate to how we express ourselves and flexibility in our approach to a situation.

Our shoulders are what tense up when we feel we’re carrying burdens or too much responsibility and if we’ve become round shoulders, this has grounded us down over the years.

So if you’ve got pain in any of these areas which doesn’t seem to be shifting, please consider making an appointment.


Ros Kitson is a professional kinesiologist and practises Three in One Kinesiology and Face Reading at The Wellbeing Centre. She also has qualifications in Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology, and Counselling.

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