Introduction to African Djembe Drumming

Introduction to Djembe Drumming

Join us for a Summer Solstice Celebration and an Introduction to Djembe Drumming with Graeme Goodwin of RhythmWorks on Friday 21st June 7.30 – 9.30pm at The Wellbeing Centre, Newbury. This is a FREE event and is open to all. Bring your own drum along if you have one but come along anyway even if you don’t have one. There will be some spare available or you can just come along to listen to some amazing music!

This is a great opportunity to experience the unique intensive Djembe technique with drum meditation facilitated by Graeme Goodwin. Graeme has played Djembe for 15 years – studied in The Gambia with Master Tomas Camara and built a Drumming Holiday Centre, Alla Leake Kunda in the Gambia West Africa with Master Tomas. Since 1999 has trained with Thomas and Gibbi Camara, SuSu Djembe Masters see www.rhythmworks.co.uk.

With Graeme’s Djembe Meditation Percussion Technique system you can learn:

  • the positive effect of percussion meditation
  • the practice of the primary TONES played on the Djembe
  • ‘time’ precision TEMPO whilst learning to make the drum ‘speak’
  • understand and PLAY the fundamental parts of West African Percussion and Djembe music
  • to ‘Free your Mind’ and find greater calmness and relaxed nature

For more details contact Graeme on 07920 027140 or email rhythmworks@ymail.com.

To come along, please register FREE OF CHARGE using the eventbrite link below:

The Wellbeing Centre

The Wellbeing Centre in Newbury, Berkshire, provides you with the perfect retreat; a sanctuary of calm, to take you away from the stresses of everyday life, in a tranquil, warm, friendly environment. Dedicated to the use of natural remedies and holistic treatments, The Wellbeing Centre hosts a wide variety of affordable and well revered therapies to help improve and maintain your health, happiness and well being.

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