Introducing NLP4Kids Therapy to The Wellbeing Centre

Melissa Hughes

Melissa Hughes has joined the team at The Wellbeing Centre to offer NLP4Kids Therapy for children and teenagers. A licensed NLP4Kids Practitioner, Melissa specialises in helping young people reach their full potential, assisting them to overcome any barriers or limiting beliefs which may be holding them back from shining brilliantly.

NLP4Kids Therapy is a highly specialised cognitive form of therapy, which helps young people learn how to control their thoughts, emotions and behaviours. The use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques and tools gives the young client the skills to think in new ways, transforming their perceptions about not only themselves, but the world around them. One-to-one coaching and bespoke workshops provide opportunities for children and teenagers to have fun and develop in a safe and enjoyable learning environment. NLP4Kids Therapy is particularly effective in helping young people who are struggling with bullying, low self esteem, emotional challenges, exam stress, family upsets, phobias, stress and anxiety, or lack of motivation.

Melissa works on a one-to-one basis with young people aged 7 upwards and she also offers bespoke workshops, which can focus on areas such as building confidence, improving communication skills, relieving exam stress, and setting SMART goals for the future.

Melissa was inspired to help young people realise their incredible capabilities after spending three months as a volunteer teaching English in a Sri Lankan secondary school, “I came into contact with some wonderfully talented young students, and by combining my teaching skills with the power of positive language, I was able to inspire them to reach heights they had never before believed possible. Neuro Linguistic Programming is about adapting the language you use, both internally and externally, to alter the way you feel and in turn the way you behave. It amazed me to see the impact that teaching solely positive language had on the teenagers in Sri Lanka, and it helped me to know how I can empower young people to become great thinkers and leaders of the future.”

One-to-one coaching sessions with Melissa are available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, after school and during the evening. Melissa offers a free one-to-one consultation for young people of any age and subsequent NLP4Kids Therapy sessions are £75 (1 hour).

For more information, please contact Melissa on 07824 510007 or email melissa@nlp4kids.org.

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