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Allergy/food intolerance testing helps people with many different issues from congested skin to IBS. Here at The Wellbeing Centre, we’re pleased to offer an OptiHealth UK Clinic with Cathy Foley providing comprehensive, accurate, non-invasive (no painful skin scratching or injections) bio-energetic screening. Here are some of the testimonials she’s received recently:


“I went to visit Cathy Foley 5 weeks ago at her Kingston based OptiHealth Clinic and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I made. After suffering with congested skin for years I had purchased, and tried many different types of cosmetic products, treatments and even prescriptions from the doctor, but nothing seemed to work or tackle the root cause.

I was recommended by a beauty therapist to visit an OptiHealth clinic, who explained to me there maybe a problem which existed internally and perhaps I had an intolerance to something.

Cathy was lovely and very easy to talk to, I talked to her about my main concerns and we went through the questionnaire, she then proceeded to carry out the bio energetic screening. It was fascinating, I discovered that I had a yeast & wheat intolerance partnered with different foods that I also had restraints from. She advised a detailed plan for me to follow, gave me a free homeopathic remedy to take additionally recommending various food alternatives and supplements to take to tackle the problem.

I purchased all of the supplements she advised and have been very strict in taking them, I am on my fifth week and my skin looks amazing! Nearly all of the congestion has cleared and I feel much better in my health. I highly recommend OptiHealth! I want to thank Cathy for giving me my confidence back!”

– Georgie


“I took my daughter (15) to Cathy Foley, at Optihealth in Nov 2012. My daughter had had, at times, severe stomach pains for about 6/7 months – which her Gp had put down to hormones, growth spurt and stress, and told her to eat bran every morning and take a muscle relaxant-neither of which helped. Going to Optihealth -Because she asked the right questions, Cathy was able to piece together the likelihood of the body not digesting gluten and that she was dehydrated. She ensured understanding, gave lots of good advice, homeopathic drops and advice on supplements and most importantly the suggestion to reduce gluten intake. My daughter felt the good effects of this almost immediately and is now very happy as she has worked out her limit of gluten intake and she is eating a more balanced diet, and drinking more. She no longer complains of stomach pains or head rushes, so thank you Cathy all has been very successful.”

– Lisa


“Just to let you know that since I saw you I now have my life back! After about 5 days I started to feel incredibly better and it’s been transformational – no m.e. symptoms, no ibs and I’m probably feeling the best I have in 20 years. P.s. family and friends can’t believe how well i am and I have recommended you to several people, including my m.e. group”

– Maria


“A huge thank you to Cathy for finally helping me overcome my 10 years plus stomach problems. Really practical and useful analysis and advice that I will be able to keep applying for the longer term. I could tell the vitamins prescribed were really high quality and began to feel better in just a few weeks. Wonderful to wake up in the morning and finally feel well. Would recommend to anyone struggling to find the root cause of IBS or food intolerance issues.”

– Marion

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