I cured myself of arthritis!

I decided to study Nutritional Therapy after chronic illness and pain forced me to retire from my teaching career. I started the course crippled with arthritis, barely able to climb the stairs to the lecture room but before long my life began to change for the better.

During my training, the first case I was asked to take was my own. I vividly remember being unable to hold back my tears as I wrote down my medical history. It brought home to me how ill health had affected my life.

As a child my health was always poor and I was admitted to hospital thirteen times. I reacted to everything with a very high fever. Antibiotics on longer worked for me by the time I was 10. At 11 I lost the sight in my left eye due to an infection. This happened despite having a wholesome diet of home cooked food.

As I got older things didn’t improve. I needed several operations and developed a stomach ulcer. Hay fever every summer turned into asthma, flu and bronchitis most winters. I often asked myself ‘why am I always ill’. I was a regular visitor at the doctors but they had no solutions to my problems. Teaching was a bad profession for someone with low immunity.

By the age of 40 I was constantly tired. Stomach problems I’d had since early childhood still plagued me and menstrual problems led to a hysterectomy. That’s when I started having migraines, often so bad that they lasted for days. I also began to gain weight although my diet was still healthy and I didn’t have a big appetite.

I’d always had aches and pains but now they got much worse. I developed a bad back, a herniated disk and was diagnosed with arthritis. My GP told me I had the ‘neck of a 90 year old’ and pain medications were the only answer. Within days I developed a serious allergic reaction to most of them. At this low point I developed appendicitis and just could not seem to recover. I was exhausted, in pain and had constant recurring infections. I decided I had no option but to retire from teaching.

I had always been interested in nutrition and had tried to eat a healthy diet. When my health had been particularly bad I had seen a dietician. I tried a number of different diets and supplements that worked wonders for others – but never, it seemed, for me.

I had always thought there must be something else I could do so I started looking for answers. After a great deal of research, I enrolled with the College of Natural Nutrition in September 2008. That decision changed my life forever. On the first day I barely had the energy to walk up the two flights of stairs to the lecture room but before long my life began to change. One of the most powerful things that happened was being given an understanding of how my ill health had developed and then being taught what I could do to reverse the symptoms.

Within a few months my symptoms disappeared.


Today I have no health problems, take no medication and feel better than I have ever done in my life. Last December I had an MRI scan and was told I had no arthritis. It’s not just the symptoms that have disappeared!

Mine is only one of the amazing recoveries I witnessed during my training. Often the changes needed to achieve health are very simple.

Give your body the nutrients it needs and it will change your life!

– Christine Davies

Christine Davies is a Nutritional Therapist specialising in Natural Nutrition having trained with The College of Natural Nutrition. She combines Ancient Wisdom with the latest nutritional science to create a personal plan to help you with health issues.

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