How Reiki Can Relieve Back Pain & Improve Your Health


Reiki brings about deep relaxation, releases energy blockages, detoxifies the system, provides new vitality and increases the vibrational frequency of the body. As such it is also useful for treating back pain and as a sciatica treatment.

Most back specialists will tell you how your back is linked to the over all functioning of your overall wellbeing. In addition, they will describe how the health and state of your back has a direct influence on most other bodily functions. For example, if a certain part of your back is ‘out’, it could affect your digestion or your bowel movements. Similarly, if your neck is ‘out’ you might have a runny or blocked nose.

The back and spinal cord form the major transmission conduit for signals to and from the nerves in your body. These signals are scientifically measurable as electrical impulses. Interestingly, your back has a structure very similar to the capacitor which is a storage device for electrical energy.

Alongside the measurable electrical energy that activates your nerves, there is another type of energy, known as chakras or life force energy, whose effects can be measured and photographed.

It operates at a more fundamental level to the electrical nerve-related energy, because it underpins everything that happens within your body. As such, disruptions to it manifest (appear) ultimately as physical symptoms or problems.

As your back is a major energy conduit and storage area, it is more susceptible to disruptions in this energy which then manifest as ‘back problems’ such as lower back pain, sciatica, a stiff neck and so on.

As the Reiki Intuitive I have assisted clients where there is a restriction in there energy system to support them in their management of lower back pain or sciatica. By working on the fundamental energy of your body and following a treatment plan Reiki can often be a successful solution alongside mainstream treatment.

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Niki Baggs

Niki Baggs, The Reiki Intuitive, is a fully trained, registered and accredited Reiki Master Teacher, with over 9 years of experience. She is registered with Reiki Evolution and is the founder of Reiki Youth, providing Reiki treatment, training and consultation to both children and adults.


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