Help for your mind, body and soul in difficult times

As we come into late autumn and winter, it becomes even more important to nurture ourselves; to care for our body, mind, and soul. In doing so, we improve the quality of our lives, and the lives of those around us. We become better able to help ourselves and others.


We are moving into the time of year when we often start to feel stiff and lethargic. We are reminded that the body is constantly trying to maintain us in an upright position, whilst at the same time, enabling us to move in our environment. Unless we are particularly flexible and strong, it is likely that there will be some trade-offs-decreasing mobility and flexibility, or more challenging balance issues and stability!

It is at this time of year in particular that we start to notice compensatory patterns as the body seeks to adjust between the necessities of stability and movement. This can be as simple as noticing that our ankles and toe joints seem less flexible if we are constantly in wellington boots, which then can start our knees or lower back aching.

Perhaps also the mental stresses of our daily lives are showing in our bodies through tight shoulders and headaches. It is at these times that a daily practice of exercise, and in particular, exercise in nature, can keep the body moving and flexing as well as grounding us energetically (i.e. taking the energies from our heads to our feet and root chakra).

My own preference is Qui Gong – in the garden when possible! Where issues have got deeper and perhaps more complex, rehabilitation exercises can help-please contact me for a range of exercises which may help.


It is so difficult at the moment to give emphasis to the positive, rather than the negative, and yet our state of mind, our instinctive and habitual thought patterns and emotional reactions, determine whether or not we are content, and what the future holds for us.

We can respond to what is happening, either by reinforcing our existing thought patterns and behaviours, which will lead to more of the same, or by becoming aware of them, and making a conscious effort to change negative thinking and negative emotional reactions.

I find that one of the best starting points is gratitude.

It is tempting to think that there is nothing to be grateful for at the moment, or that the overwhelming sense of negativity completely overshadows anything positive, but if we look closely, there is much to be grateful for.

For example, taking a few seconds to centre ourselves and look in gratitude at our food before eating, and perhaps giving thanks for the love with which it has been prepared, will help to start a more positive way of thinking and what’s more, we’ll probably enjoy the food more – it will taste and smell better and generally be more satisfying!


It is my feeling and opinion that at the moment we are being asked, as individuals, to look at aspects of ourselves and bring them in the light for healing.

This is also happening at a societal level, where change is rapid and profound, where the known and established seems to be dysfunctional or disappearing with, as yet, little to replace it.

Being faced with changes in the things of which we were once certain, requires us, I believe, to look to our fundamentals – to our souls – those loving aspects of us which are unchanging and often hidden from view.

Now is the time for us to look inwards rather than outwards for answers, inspiration and illumination, whether this is through meditation, healing (such as Angelic Reiki) or other spiritual practice. As we do so, our souls start to exert a greater control of our lives – they literally shine through – and as we start to see this in ourselves, we can also start to recognise it in others.

In love and light.


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